How do you remove the back of an office chair

The back of an office chair can be removed for many reasons. You can either re-upholster the back to reduce wear or remove it entirely for comfort. A metal base and a cheap office chair back may not be compatible. To make an office chair more comfortable or improve its quality, it is possible to remove the back.


  • It should take less than an hour to remove the backrest of an office chair.
  • We recommend that you remove the base, wheels, and armrests from an office chair before you can remove the backrest.
  • The most common reasons to remove the back of an office chair are to reupholster or replace a worn part.

How to Take Back an Office Chair

These are the steps to take to get rid of the backrest from an office chair.

STEP 1 – Remove Wheels

Turn your chair upside-down if it has wheels. Use a screwdriver to remove the wheels and casters. lunette securo vision  To remove a caster that is difficult to remove, you can use a prybar to move it. Place the nail pulling end of your prybar between the chair leg & caster and then apply a downwards motion. This will prevent the chair from moving while you remove other parts.

STEP 2 Delete the Star Base

To avoid damage to the gas lift, remove the base with several hammer strikes to a 2×4 wood piece. To be safe, you can also take the gas lift out of your office chair.

STEP 3 Disassemble Arm Rests

Unbolt and unscrew all fixtures to disassemble armrests. You may need to choose between a flat-head, cross-head or Hex key Allen wrench depending on which type of screw you are using.

STEP 4 Remove the Back Rest from the Bolt Seat

After the armrests have been removed, loosen and unscrew the screws connecting the seat and the backrest. Slowly separate the two pieces. Satellite mapping of Loa loa prevalence in relation to ivermectin use in west and central Africa  Be sure to also remove the hydraulics cylinder from the base of your chair if it has one. If you don’t want your chair to slide out of your desk chair, you can also fix it.


How can you take the back off a chair?

It is very simple to remove the back of a chair. To do this, you will need to take off the wheels for stability and the base. Then, you will need to disassemble the armrests and then unbolt the seat from its backrest. You may also need to remove the gas cylinder. para que sirve ivermectina calox 6 mg  This is possible with just a few tools, such as the handy pry bar.

What’s the purpose of the knob at the bottom my office chair?

Most likely, the knob at the bottom of your office chair acts as a tension knob. This knob helps to produce more or less tilting pressure. Tilt is affected by the tension. The higher the tension, it will be.

Why does my office chair not lean back anymore?

A stuck tilt engine, or poorly lubricated gas cylinder are the main reasons for non-reclining office chairs.

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