How to capture any area of screen easily with iTop Screen Recorder?

If you are looking for a simple screen recording software that is free, easy to use, can capture any area of screen and does not lag your game, you should give iTop Screen Recorder a try. The software has no time limit, and you can record whatever area you like. You mixx can also capture screenshots. The toolbar on the bottom right of the screen allows you to record and pause your recording.

iTop Screen Recorder is an easy to use software to capture any area of screen

It is a powerful yet simple software that allows you to capture any area of your screen. It is a highly versatile application that can record your desktop, webcam, audio, and external voice. It is capable of recording videos up to 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Its feature-rich interface lets you edit recorded videos and add voice overs. You can even add a presenter video to the videos. The software also allows you to add transition effects, keystroke capture, remove noise from video and annotations.

With a single click, you can record any area of your screen or any dialog box. It supports multiple shows simultaneously and offers more than 12 output formats for you to choose from. It supports a wide range of mainstream devices. It is functional with most standard media players, including Windows Media Player and VLC. It also has sound recording features so you may record your narration.

Steps to Record any area of Screen

  • Download the software and install it on your computer.
  • Then open the application and choose the area that you want to capture by selecting the options from the left side bar
  • You can select full screen, a specific region, a specific window, fixed ratio of 4:3 or 16:9.
  • In the side menu, you can also scroll to select the music recording or game recording option
  • After that, choose the option that you want speaker, mic and mouse and webcam to turn on or off.
  • When you have decided it, just click the ‘REC’ button and your recording will be started.
  • You can also use short keys like F9 to start recording, F10 to pause and F11 to take a screenshot.
  • When the recording is done, press the square button and it will be stopped and saved in the folder.
  • You can visit the default folder and view the recording.
  • If you don’t know about the default folder, just visit the settings and select or change the ‘Save to’ option

Multiple Features

The best part is that this screen recorder for PC is available online and is fully customizable. If you are looking for a free, simple screen recorder for Windows, iTop Screen Recorder is worth checking out. You’ll be happy you did!

iTop Screen Recorder allows you to record any area of your screen as well as your webcam. It also supports recording games with no lag or FPS drop. You can also record gameplay clips using iTop with live commentary. It is also convenient in that it can start recording your screen while you’re away and automatically save the recording for you when you come back.

It records in the background without lagging the game. Using a screen recorder can be a frustrating experience because the recording process can cause your game to lag. Lagging occurs when your computer’s RAM storage is used excessively by multiple programs. Most screen recorders fall into this category. In order to avoid lagging in your game, you should close unnecessary programs and free up space on your PC. 

The iTop Screen Recorder is a great choice for gaming enthusiasts. It does not lag games when recording, and its performance is unbeatable. The best part about iTop Screen Recorder is that it records in the background without lagging the game. It also provides high-end features like 4K shelfari Ultra HD and 4096 x 2160 resolutions. You can record your face as well. It even supports webcam overlay, audio recording, and private cloud storage.

Upto 90 FPS record and Multiple Formats

iTop Screen Recorder also supports 90 FPS recording and integrates audio and facecam recordings into your screen capture. It also features filters and supports multiple output formats. The user-friendly interface makes recording a breeze. Even if you’re a beginner, this screen recorder is perfect for your first screen recording! You can also share it on popular online video sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

When choosing a screen recorder for your PC, consider the frame rate. A high frame rate is essential for producing high-quality content with minimal lag. That is why most gamers look for upto 90 FPS screen recorder. This program is fast and can record gameplay without lagging the game. There are many more features to choose from, and you can always upgrade to a higher-end version if you’d like. It allows you to choose different output video formats, and even capture audio. It also supports recording mouse movements.


iTop Screen Recorder has an easy-to-use interface. Its main window includes four important buttons and you can also record the webcam. Afterward, you can save your video in various formats. It also includes a basic video editor and supports hotkeys to take screenshots. It also benefits from GPU hardware acceleration to record videos without watermarks. It’s the perfect screen recorder for home users.

You can capture anything on your screen. Whether you 9xmovies mom want to capture the whole screen, a single window, or a specified area, you may do it. Also, you may record in a predefined aspect ratio such as 16:9 or 4:3 and instantly access the most recently utilized recording area. The free version of iTop Screen Recorder includes a watermark. The watermark detracts from the aesthetics of the video and undermines branding. Therefore, it’s better to purchase the premium version of iTop Screen Recorder. iTop Screen Recorder offers many features, such as capturing the entire screen or specific areas.

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