How to recover deleted files from windows 10 with iTop Data Recovery

Data can always be lost for a variety of reasons. As long as they are in the recycle bin, a rescue is possible without any problems. But if they have also disappeared from it, then you need the appropriate tools. One of them is iTop Data Recovery. In this guide, I will discuss How to recover deleted files from windows 10 with iTop Data Recovery.

What’s iTop Data Recovery? 

iTop Data Recovery is free software that can easily recover deleted files in FAT and NTFS systems. Its key advantage, thanks to which it has gained this popularity is the ability to view files (in particular, pictures and text documents) before recovering them. It is very essential because, it is not always necessary to restore all deleted files.

Also, the possibilities of this utility are so wider than those of others. It allows you to access files that were deleted by re-formatting (a little clearer, restores files even if they were formatted several times after deleting them).

Another feature is an advanced filtering system that will allow you to find the necessary information by file type, name, size, etc.

iTop Data Recovery can carry out recovery both on a computer hard drive and external media (memory card or USB drive). A good plus is the ability to recover data after formatting, which not all programs can do.

Among the features, it works with various drives both HDD and SSD. The quality of work does not differ depending on the file systems. In addition, it can build communication and data exchange even with network storage of information. It is also necessary to note the ability to work with all the most common file types.

How to recover deleted files from local disk C with iTop Data Recovery?

iTop Data Recovery is a hassle-free solution to recover lost or deleted data from Windows Recycle Bin, hard drive, SSD, external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, etc. You can use it to recover documents, photos, videos, Access music, system files, and more.

iTop Data Recovery makes the recovery process very easy. You just need a few clicks. You have to select the file locations and file type, click the SCAN button, and then the recoverable data information will be displayed. You can select specific or all file types and locations. After a deep scan, iTop Data Recovery not only displays the basic information like file name, original location, and size but also provides a recoverability rating for each file and previews the data before recovery. Then you can select the file you want and click on the Recover button. Just  follow this step by step tutorail to have a try now:

Step 1: Free download data recovery software on your windows and install it.

Step 2: Launch itand you can see a very easy-to-use inerface that makes all function clearly. Select Disk C on the scan location. Then tick all the files types you are trying to recover. Press Scan button to strat the researching process.

Step 3: Surprisingly! iTop Data Recovery has found thousands of deleted or lost files on Disk C. You can preview the files you want to get back before finally hit the Recover button.


In summary, iTop Data Recovery is definitely your best choice for recovering emptied recycle bin, data lost due to malware or virus, recovering data after a system crash, disk formatting, or other erroneous operations that lead to data loss.

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