How to Enhance Your TV-Watching Experience

For many decades, the television has been the focal point of many people’s living rooms. Even as technology and viewing habits have changed — the move from scheduled programming to streaming services, for instance — people still like to invest in a decent television set up in their homes. Is there anything better than dimming the lights, and settling in on the couch with your favourite snacks as the titles of a film roll across that magnificent screen?

Not everyone gets the full effect, however, be it in picture, sound, atmosphere or something else. Below are our top (and simplest) tips on how to enhance your TV time.

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  1. Boost the Sound

Built-in speakers on many modern TVs are far superior to the ones that existed years ago, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be improved. A sound bar is a good and simple way to boost sound quality, and sound bar installation services are easy to find, and will typically come with any purchase of a sound bar unit.

What’s more, these sound bars sit neatly in front of your TV and won’t clutter up your living room space. Some have been wary of sound systems because in the past they meant speakers, subwoofers and endless cables and wires. Modern sound bars are much simpler and deliver immense quality. 

  1. Invest in Quality Screens

If picture quality is your bugbear, then you have to be ready to invest in real quality. Larger and better screens will cost money because you inevitably have to invest in the brands that have developed and safeguarded that kind of technology. You might find lesser-known brands here and there with excellent picture quality, but it’s rare that the likes of the Japanese and Korean giants are beaten in this arena.

When you want the best experience either of 3D, or 4K picture quality or whatever else is the latest development in extraordinary screen clarity, be prepared to pay for it.

  1. Get Blackout Shades

To improve the atmosphere, eliminating the enemy that is natural light is the best thing to do. No matter how advanced TV sets get, the problems of intense sunlight and glare is a continuing issue. If your living room faces east or west in particular you can have whole periods of the day when watching becomes too hard because of the excess light blocking or otherwise ruining the picture and general atmosphere. Who wants to watch a horror film in broad daylight, anyway?

A neat solution is to install blackout shades, or possibly curtains, that will block out the light and create a more cinema-like atmosphere in the room where you’re trying to enjoy a series or the latest blockbuster. 

  1. Snack, but Don’t Feast

Your favourite foods being on offer when watching TV is a big part of making it more enjoyable, that goes without saying. Having said that, many make the mistake of stuffing themselves too much when viewing, which leaves them sleepy and thus less able to take in the magnificence of what they’re watching. So, to avoid nodding off, gather your most delicious snacks, but don’t overdo it. This is what makes popcorn such a good candidate for movie or TV snacks.

  1. Watch with Family and Friends

Another way to augment the atmosphere when watching TV is by enjoying it with loved ones. Comedies always feel funnier when you watch in groups, and if you’re worried about the lingering psychological effects of a horror movie, then having some friends and family to watch with you is a good way to disseminate that.

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