How To Get Someone Interested In You

Love is natural and it is the most beautiful thing in this world.  It is the reason we literally exist. Loving someone is the most natural thing. But expressing it to someone can be somehow a bit tricky and that’s understandable considering how the other one might feel about you after you express your feelings.

So, one should try making someone like them and interested in them before they truly express themselves because in that way it would be easier for the other person to take it and process it.

So, you really want someone to pay attention to you, let us help you.

Use These Things To Make Someone Interested In You.

Before going into explaining all the ways you can get your desired attention, we would just try to clarify that you should know the difference between harassment and flirting.

If you overly try to express yourself and other person isn’t feeling comfortable then instead of getting them to like you, you would lead them to hate you for life. So enough of precautions, let us explain the ways to you so that you can win your love:

1. Approach them

Firstly, you should try to approach them in a way that is logical, not just out of the blue but with a reason. Make a reason if there isn’t one but a logical one. In this way you can actually start the conversation. Also, if you don’t approach someone then how can you make them like you because it is not reel life it is real life.

2. Ask questions

Try to ask questions that help you know about them. So, next time or at the same time, the other person can ask you such questions and take interest in you too.

Try using questions from Twinfluence as they have huge variety of questions. Also, asking questions will help you hold a conversation that will be very beneficial to you in making someone like you. The questions can be like:

  1. What’s your favorite singer?
  2. What’s your dream job?
  3. What are your life goals?
  4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  5. What are your favorite sports?

3. Show your interest

Let them be aware that you are interested in them. In this way, they would know your signals or will wait for them. Otherwise, if you are just bland then the other person will take you for granted.

What do they like in rainy seasons? Which types of rain coats do they prefer? We know it sounds very details but it’s very important!

4. Flirt with them

Using your body language and humor to flirt with them as it will help you get their attention that you want. But be aware of not crossing the limits. Know your limits and don’t cross them.

5. Respect

It is perhaps the most important thing to do when you are willing to make other people like you. If you respect them, you are automatically opening your doors to others. Otherwise, if you are making fun of others and disrespecting them there is no way that the other person will like you.

6. Care for them

Show that you care for them. This will definitely help you win their heart. Because everyone likes to be cared and if they feel that they are being cared by you truly and sincerely they will most definitely love and like you.

7. Loosen up

Try loosening up a bit and not be sturdy. Because if you are sturdy, it will give the impression that you are a really serious person and cannot be fun and believe us no one likes to be with a person who is no fun. Also, this will help a lot in being interesting.

Final thoughts

In our lives we come at a stage when we like someone and then the task is to make them like you. So, we have explained the steps you need to take to make someone have interest in you. But as explained above always know your limits and don’t be pushy.

Accept and admit that you don’t know all the things and don’t lie just to impress. By now we guess you should be ready for making that other person give you your long overdue attention.

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