How to Practice Your English Skills by Playing Word Games

Having fun while learning is important. One of the best ways to have fun while learning English and enriching your vocabulary is to try some of the many word games out there. Here are the best ones to check out.


Scrabble is one of the best word games ever. It is not only extremely fun to play, but it can do wonders to improve your English vocabulary skills while training your brain to rapidly and spontaneously think in English. If you play in real life, you can play it with friends, and maybe you can learn new words from them. If you are by yourself, you can play online with strangers all over the world and learn new words from them.

The basics of Scrabble are pretty simple. Each player gets up to eight random letter tiles. Each letter carries a score depending on how rare it is used in making words. The goal is to make words with those letters and place them on parts of the boards where those scores can be multiplied to give you bigger scores. So, suppose you have the letter H with you, and you know all verbs starting with letter H, then you can use that knowledge to make words on the board.

People often play Scrabble on their phones with them. This is also advisable for English learners. With the letters you have, you may come up with unique combinations to create a word, and to make sure whether the word is an actual one or not, you can look it up on Google. If it is an actual word, you can check its meaning and learn a new word. The bigger your vocabulary is, the more fun Scrabble is to play.

Word Search

Word search is another great game to try out to test your vocabulary skills and do some brain exercise (which is consequently useful for learning a language!). There are two types of word search games; one where you already know which words to search for and just have to locate them, and the other where you don’t know the words.

You can start off with the first one initially and then move on to the next one. These games come with various difficulty levels, and the more difficulty, the harder the words are to locate. Every time you come across a new word in this game, note it down.


In Crossword, you will be given a hint phrase that describes a word and has to find out where that word will be placed in the grid. The letters of some of the words will be connected in a criss-cross pattern, so if you find one word, you can get a letter of another word as a hint. One of the ways you started practicing thinking in English initially was to describe an object you didn’t know the name of in English, and this is just the reverse exercise. Through this game, you can not only develop your English thinking and vocabulary skills but also gain important knowledge on various topics.


Wordle quickly became an internet sensation soon after it came out, uniting strangers from all around the world to share their results. The original wordle is a 6×5 grid, where you get six chances to guess a 5-letter word. If the letter doesn’t exist in the word, it will become a grey box; if it exists but in the wrong position, then a yellow box, and if it exists in the right position, then a green box. Using these clues, you have to figure out the word. Here you can put into use your knowledge of words that have very close spellings, for example, Chase, Chose, Phase, Those, etc.


Pictionary is one that can help you with English. It is a game that is all about visual learning. You may already know that we remember things we see better than things we read or even hear. This game is very simple. Your friend will think of a word, any word, or a phrase and then draw it on paper to the best of their abilities. From the drawing, you have to guess the name of the word.

You can try this with English idioms or proverbs too. For multilingual, there are often moments when we can’t remember the word in another language. Pictionary games are a good exercise to avoid that. You have to see the drawing and think of the word or phrase associated with it.

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