Important iTop VPN Features That Every Internet User Should Know

ITop VPN is a service that protects your privacy and security from the internet. Some of its features include split tunneling, Anti-malware protection, and browser privacy. Let us have a closer look at these features. These features can make the difference between your safety and that of a cybercriminal.

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling is an important feature of a iTop VPN that helps you navigate the internet safely. This feature prevents you from being banned from websites and online services that block traffic from VPNs. Moreover, it helps you control your internet traffic to the VPN server while maintaining your local area network. However, this feature also poses some risks, including security risks and poor performance. You should always remember that a VPN software is not capable of handling all your traffic alone, and therefore may slow down your connection speed.

Split Tunneling allows you to use the VPN selectively, which means that only specific apps will be tunneled through it. This feature is very helpful for people who don’t want to use a VPN for all their online activities. This feature is important if you use apps that use sensitive data. However, it is not useful for other types of internet traffic.

Anti-malware protection

iTop VPN uses HTTPS, UDP, and TCP protocols to encrypt all data on the connection. It uses a powerful 256-bit architected encryption to keep your data secure and prevent third parties from tracking your activity. It also features an ad blocker that will help you avoid unwanted advertisements and other annoying websites. Even though iTop VPN uses strong encryption, you should know that information you share with companies can be still collected.

The no-logs policy is a vital feature for your privacy. Most windows VPNs collect information such as your name, email, and credit card number. This information is not only useful to hackers, but is also detrimental to your privacy. Furthermore, many iTop VPN plans keep logs of information about your devices and usage, and use it to analyze how the VPN is being used.

Browser Privacy function

The iTop VPN browser privacy function allows users to change the settings of their browsers to ensure that they are not being tracked. Browser privacy changes the data that your browser saves, and it is available to all iTop users. It also provides the Security Reinforce feature, which helps you protect your browsing data from third-party tracking. These features are included in paid subscription plans but are not required.

The browser privacy function enables you to delete browsing history, cache, and cookies from your computer. This prevents data leaks and online privacy concerns. This browser privacy feature also helps improve the security of your network by preventing your router from forwarding ports. In addition, iTop VPN offers an adblock function that filters potentially hazardous advertisements. This protects users from scams, click bait, and malicious malware.

Server locations

There are a number of advantages to using an iTop VPN للكمبيوتر service. Besides allowing you to access websites in a completely different location, the VPN also offers security features. It protects you from malware, prevents you from clicking on harmful links, and removes residual browser traces. Unlike many other VPNs, iTop VPN uses only secure connections and never logs your browsing history, bandwidth, or length of connection to VPN servers.

There is a drop-down menu that lets you choose your preferred protocol and location. It also lets you manage the connection for each application separately. However, because iTop VPN servers are geographically distributed, it’s important to remember your favorite locations on all your devices.


iTop VPN is an inexpensive VPN service that offers excellent security and features. This VPN service offers split tunneling, which allows you to select which applications are protected and which ones are not. It also runs automatically when you turn on your device, which saves you from the hassle of turning on and off your VPN. Finally, the service provides an informative website and helps you to keep your privacy and security under control.


If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can cancel your subscription within 15 days. You can also get a partial refund if you’re signed up for a 6-month or one-year plan. To cancel a subscription, you need to contact the company by filling out a form or visiting their Facebook page.

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