Intertek Building Sciences: Elevating Excellence in Building Solutions

In the intricate world of construction and building sciences, precision, quality, and safety stand as the cornerstones of any successful project. For decades, Intertek has been at the forefront of testing, inspection, and certification services, setting the gold standard in ensuring that structures meet and exceed industry regulations. As the global leader in this arena, Intertek’s Building Science Solutions (BSS) group takes this commitment a step further, offering a unique perspective and a comprehensive suite of services that set it apart from its competitors.

A Global Powerhouse in Testing and Certification

Intertek, as an organization, has a reputation that precedes itself. With a legacy dating back to 1885, it has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication to safety, quality, and innovation across various industries. However, it’s within the realm of building sciences that Intertek truly shines.

As the worldwide leader in testing, inspection, and certification services for the built environment, Intertek stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise. What sets them apart from the competition is their capacity to serve as both a tester and certifier of building products, components, and assemblies. This dual role provides their customers with immediate access to an unparalleled knowledge base and in-house testing capabilities.

A Holistic Approach to Building Science

Intertek’s Building Science Solutions (BSS) group is a powerhouse dedicated to a holistic approach to construction. They focus on building enclosure consulting, commissioning, and field performance testing, catering to both new construction and retrofit projects. With over 160 BSS team members spread across the nation and an expansive network of testing labs within the broader Intertek Building and Construction division, they offer complete and comprehensive solutions for their clients.

What makes Intertek’s BSS group stand out is its extensive expertise across the entire spectrum of building enclosures. They have specialists in fenestrations, curtain walls, roofing, waterproofing, stone, masonry, stucco, EIFS, glass and glazing, sealants, air leakage performance evaluation, CAD, REVIT, BIM, and thermal and hygrothermal analysis. This diverse team ensures that every facet of a building project is thoroughly examined and optimized for performance and longevity.

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A Multidisciplinary Team of Experts

Intertek’s commitment to excellence continues beyond the physical aspects of construction. Their in-house subject matter experts cover sustainability, fire, and life safety protection, blast performance, and acoustics. This multidisciplinary approach means that no matter the complexity of the project or the unique challenges it presents, Intertek is equipped with the expertise to tackle it head-on.

Streamlined Solutions for a Complex World

In a world where construction projects are becoming increasingly intricate and demanding, the need for streamlined and comprehensive solutions is more critical than ever. Intertek’s unique position as both a tester and certifier, coupled with its vast network of experts, ensures that its customers receive not just a service but a partnership in achieving excellence in building construction.


Intertek’s Building Science Solutions (BSS) group represents the pinnacle of excellence in building sciences. Their unwavering commitment to quality, their comprehensive suite of services, and their multidisciplinary team of experts make them the go-to choice for anyone embarking on a construction project. With Intertek as a partner, you can be confident that your project will not only meet but exceed industry standards, setting a new benchmark for quality and safety in the built environment.

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