Introducing With 5G Technology and Network

5G is the fifth generation technology of broadband cellular networks in telecommunications. The concept of this technology is introduced in July 2016. This technology does not belong to any particular company. Many companies tried to bring in the light of this technology. Qualcomm, Huawei,3GPP are the companies of them who developed this technology. The different cellular company started to deploy technology worldwide in 2019. It is assumed that there will be more than 1.7 billion subscribers of 5G within 2025.5G technology works within a small geographical area are known as cells. All 5G compatible wireless devices in a cell are connected

to the Network by radio wave through a local antenna. It has a greater bandwidth with a higher download speed that can reach up to 10Gbps.

5G has the range of 50Mbps to over than a gigabit. It covers a small area for networking. When the bandwidth gets greater, the coverage area becomes smaller. It causes to deploy of many antennas around the area to cover the Network. It is a very expensive and large process for networking. As it uses a radio wave of around 6GHz to transmit data, it faces data traffic of other signals. Because satellite links also use almost the same frequency.

Though it has some complications, it will help us to join the next arena of data communication. It will help transfer data with a great speed to fly a drone precisely from one place to another. Many cities around the world today are spreading intelligent transportation systems and are planning to support connected vehicle technology through the 5G network. 

There are so many autonomous industrial robots working in the industry controlled through a 5g network system. The low latency of 5G will make AR and VR applications, both immersive and far more interactive. Because it will help to create a 3D environment very fast and smoothly.5G technology will give a new dynamic way to see the world indeed.

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