Life Lessons – 6 Signs You’re Doing Better In Life Than You Think

In this day and age, it is all too easy to compare yourself to successful people across the world because of social media. How come everybody seems to be doing more with their life than you? How come you don’t even know if you want to stick with your job but some ten-year-old is already a millionaire? 

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. And in reality, you are probably doing a lot better than you realise. Don’t believe us? Checkout these six signs you are doing much better in life than you think: 

1. The Numbers Say It All

Even if you’re a little low on cash right now, your individual tax return will give you the true overview of how you did over the last year. If you earned more than the previous year, even if you spent more, you’re still doing great. Your earnings have gone up! With a little budgeting, you’ll be set to gain more benefits from that income increase next year. 

2. You’re Not The Same As You Were Last Year

You may be in a different place that is not entirely what you had planned. You could have a better job, a better house, or you’re back in education, healing through therapy, or even down in the dumps because of a breakup. However, your current position is different. This alone means that you have not been stagnant. Things have changed, and they will continue to do so. No matter where you are now, moving forward and improving your position are both real possibilities. 

3. You’re Not Stressed

Stress is a huge issue at the moment. There are all kinds of issues affecting Americans, with people expressing deep concern about mass shootings (62%), health care (66%), climate change (55%) and uncertainty in the nation (65%). If you are managing to keep that stress effectively, you’re doing so much better than many others. 

4. You’re Valued

Have you spent the last year taking inspiration from movements like Random Acts Of Kindness? Have you been there for friends, or supported a family member through tricky times? Have you even just given a dollar to someone in need? Whatever you have done to make a difference (no matter how small), you are highly valued, and that means you are doing so much better than you think. 

5. You Have Goals

Having goals means that you still have dreams and you have not given up. Whilst those goals might only have life in your mind, they still exist and feel achievable to you, which is really great news. We recommend breaking these goals into bite-sized actions that will help you make it all the way to the end. This way, you can feel that wind in your hair as you fly towards the life you want. what is ivermectin mode of action?  

6. You’re Broke Because You Have Invested In Living

Being broke because you have too many meaningless items is different from having no savings because you’ve spent it on adventures with friends, holidays with your partner, and memorable days out with the kids. Congratulations – you’ve been investing in living. ivermectin pills tractor supply Sure, savings do need to happen but don’t let regrets fill your mind. You’ve earned true value for money so far because of the memories you’ve made. 

“Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly… but merely to be LIVED. Boldly, wildly, beautiful, uncertainly, imperfectly, I magically LIVED. Ivermectin Deficiency Syndrome ” – Mandy Hale

Whatever you do, try not to be hard on yourself. There’s always someone with a more perfect life, but who’s comparing? Love your own life and what you have done with it so far – you really are doing better than you think. 

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