OBAR: The Ultimate Snack for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Campers

In the world of outdoor adventures, where the thrill of exploring nature meets the practicalities of  preparedness, the introduction of OBARs by Total Prepare marks a significant milestone. These  gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and nut-free ration bars are not just a snack; they are a testament  to innovation in meeting the dietary needs of the modern-day explorer. For outdoor enthusiasts  

and campers, OBARs represent the perfect fusion of convenience, nutrition, and inclusivity,  making them an indispensable addition to any adventure kit. 

Features That Speak Volumes 

The first of their kind in Canada, OBARs bring forth an array of features tailored to the needs of  those who spend their time in the great outdoors. These vegan, non-GMO bars boast a  remarkable 5-year shelf life, eliminating the worry of perishables while on the trail. Each bar  packs 7 grams of plant-based protein and 300 calories, providing sustained energy and  nourishment without the heaviness of traditional snacks. 

What truly sets OBARs apart is their allergen-free composition. Free from peanuts, tree nuts,  dairy, eggs, soybeans, wheat, and other common allergens, they offer peace of mind to  individuals with dietary restrictions. This commitment to clean ingredients ensures that every  adventurer, regardless of dietary needs, can enjoy the benefits of OBARs without compromise. 

Advantages for the Adventurous Spirit 

The advantages of incorporating OBARs into your outdoor gear are manifold. The long shelf life  and nutrient-dense formulation mean that you can store them for extended periods, ready for any  spontaneous adventure. Their compact and lightweight design makes them easy to pack,  ensuring that valuable space is used efficiently. Additionally, the allergen-free aspect caters to a  wide audience, making OBARs a universal choice for groups with varied dietary preferences. 

For those who venture into the wilderness, where convenience stores are replaced by the vast  expanse of nature, the availability of a reliable food source is paramount. OBARs eliminate the  guesswork in meal planning for trips, offering a balanced and satisfying option that can withstand 

the elements. Furthermore, the non-GMO and made-in-the-USA quality appeal to the eco conscious camper, aligning with the values of preserving the natural world they seek to explore. 

Benefits Beyond Nutrition 

The benefits of choosing OBARs for your outdoor excursions extend beyond their nutritional  profile. They embody a sense of inclusion, ensuring that no member of your adventure group is  left behind due to dietary restrictions. This inclusivity fosters a stronger sense of community and  safety among campers and hikers, reinforcing the bond that shared experiences in nature bring. 

Moreover, the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable, safe, and nutritious food source  cannot be understated. It allows adventurers to focus on the beauty and thrill of their journey,  rather than the worry of their next meal. In emergency situations, the presence of OBARs in your  kit can make a significant difference in morale and physical well-being, providing sustenance  when it’s needed most. 

A Step Forward in Outdoor Preparedness 

At its core, Total Prepare’s introduction of OBARs reflects a deep understanding of the evolving  needs of outdoor enthusiasts and campers. It acknowledges the growing demand for products  that are not only functional but also inclusive and environmentally conscious. Zenia Platten,  Marketing Manager at Total Prepare, encapsulates this sentiment, stating, “We believe that  everyone deserves peace of mind, regardless of dietary restrictions.” This philosophy is evident  in the meticulous design and formulation of OBARs, which aim to meet the diverse needs of the  outdoor community. 

In a landscape where adventure and preparedness intersect, OBARs emerge as a beacon of  innovation. They offer a practical solution to the age-old challenge of maintaining nutrition and  energy in the wilderness, without compromising on taste or quality. For the outdoor enthusiast,  they represent not just a snack, but a symbol of freedom and readiness to explore the boundless  beauty of nature. 

Embracing the OBAR Advantage

As the outdoor community continues to grow and diversify, the introduction of products like  OBARs is timely and essential. They exemplify the strides being made towards inclusivity and  sustainability in outdoor nutrition, setting a new standard for what adventurers can expect from  their gear. For campers and hikers, incorporating OBARs into their essentials is a step towards a  more inclusive, nutritious, and enjoyable outdoor experience. 

Whether you’re scaling mountains, traversing forests, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the  great outdoors, OBARs stand ready to fuel your journey. They are not just a snack; they are a  companion for the adventurous spirit, designed to meet the demands of the modern explorer.  With OBARs, Total Prepare invites you to embrace the adventure, confident in the knowledge  that your nutritional needs are covered, no matter where the trail leads.

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