Should I Choose Kamado Joe Classic 2 or Kamado Joe Classic 3?

Cooking and grilling are two different things to understand and to experience. If you are a good cook, it doesn’t mean that you can grill well too. Grilling is about the perfection of the appliance that you are using. Kamado Joe Classic 2 Bundle  and Kamado Joe Classic 3 Bundle are the two best-reviewed models from the Kamado line. If you think that the one model is better, you are wrong because both add novelty to the traditional barbecue style.

Unlocking the potential of a team is essential for achieving great results.

If you still have questions about what to choose, then scroll down to read both specifications to make your perspective clearer!

#1. Divide Cooking and Tier System

As the version’s name indicates, 2 and 3 same is the case with the tier system. So Kamado Joe Classic 2 provides you with two-tier cooking systems, and Classic 3 provides you with a three-tier system. So you can easily adjust the cooking points in both generations.

#2. Charcoal Basket with Stainless Steel

The charcoal basket in Classic 3 provides you with ease of cleaning because it draws the ashes into the drawer. Moreover, the charcoal pieces are packed closer in the basket to make an efficient fuel system. As a result, it quickly burns, and you can grill in no time. In Classic 2, you can quickly prepare the grill for the next cook by segregating charcoal from ashes. And you can easily disassemble the basket from the grill.

#3. Rack Designing

A galvanized steel heavy duty cart is added in Classic 3 that provides you extra heating capacity and one more shelf for storage that is corrosion resistant. In addition, the cart in Classic 3 is coated with Aluminium, that’s why more tolerant towards heating. ivermectin ointment for rosacea Classic 2 also retains the smoke and moisture. how many days in a row should i give my goat ivermectin

#4. Cooking Space

As the name of the generations indicate, Classic 3 must be a pro version in each sense, so the cooking area must be double the Classic 2.

Classic 2 also provides enough cooking space and works like a great grill. It has a cooking space of 510 square inches.

#5. Thermometer

There is a built-in thermometer in both Classic 2 and Classic 3 it means there is no worry about setting and observing temperature in both versions. You can unreluctantly go for both!

#6. Hinge System

The airlift hinge system in Classic 3 is made with Aluminium, while in Classic 2, it is made with high-density polyethene plastic.

#7. Temperature Range

The temperature range in both versions is enough to bake, grill, cook and smoke so you can make mouthwatering dishes of your and your friend’s favourite.

#8. SloRoller Insertion

There is a hyperbolic sloRoller insertion in Classic 3 that functions as a typical smoker, while the heat deflector in Classic 2 is working well enough. Therefore, it is wrong to say that it should be rejected due to this additional feature of Classic 3. dr pierre kory ivermectine

Specifications With No Changes

  • Temperature controlling vents
  • Gasket
  • Firebox with AMP
  • Additional accessories


As the above-discussed points illustrate, Kamado Joe Classic 2 and Classic 3 are working well, so if you are looking forward to some specific features, you can check out the specifications of both. Still, you can not prefer one to the other due to its price. Furthermore, both give you a warranty on the grill parts. So go check out the Kamado Joe Classic 2 bundle and Kamado Joe Classic 3 bundle and shop your grill today!

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