Sports Betting Twitter Accounts To Follow

There are many ways to gain insights and tips if you’re an enterprising bettor, and the world of social media offers a wide variety of insights and people in the know to keep an eye out for. Here are some of the most notable accounts of the “tipster Twitter” world to follow and watch for those interested in who to follow for sports betting.

Six Twitter Accounts For Sports Betting To Follow

Many people on social media are among the best free sports handicappers on Twitter, be it fellow gamblers, sports journalists, or stats nerds. These individuals all have an excellent track record and a good understanding of the sport they follow, so even if you’re not the gambling Twitter user type, their insights are still a great way to learn more about your favorite competitive discipline.

They can also provide great insights about topics related to betting, like identifying the most trusted online sportsbooks or how the legal situation regarding online betting is changing over time.

Ben Fawkes – @BFawkes22

Ben was the former editor of ESPN’s gambling content, making him a major player in the scene. He currently plies his trade at VSiN, a dedicated sports betting network “fueled by award-winning broadcasters and legendary oddsmakers,” a collection of the space’s biggest eggheads. From wide-ranging industry discussions to odds suggestions, Ben has it all.

Doug Kezirian – @DougESPN

The host of ESPN’s Daily Wager and one of the company’s sports betting analysts, he is among the best bets Twitter follows you can think of with a great blend of memes and tips filling up his feed.

Colin Cowherd – @ColinCowherd

Controversial and outspoken, the founder of The Volume boasts an incredible track record when it comes to scoops. There’s a reason he has a whopping 1.5 million followers on Twitter at writing. العب واربح

Back when he was with ESPN, he scored a spot on The New York Times bestseller list with Raw, a book covering pro sports from an insider perspective. This was shortly before he was let go due to one of his many controversial comments, insinuating that Dominicans lack intelligence. ماهي لعبة البوكر

Todd Fuhrman – @ToddFuhrman

Todd was previously working at Caesars as one of their oddsmakers, granting him a unique perspective on the state of play. His razor-sharp analysis and shining wit make him one of the best Twitter accounts for sports betting enthusiasts to follow. He’s also an analyst at CBS and the Bet the Board sports betting podcast co-founder.

StatMuse – @Statmuse

No one does NBA stats quite like StatMuse, a company driven by artificial intelligence to establish the most notable statistical database the sports has to offer.

Their Twitter feed offers a steady stream of bite-sized chunks of exciting updates. Though their website offers the good, they’re worth a follow if only to remind yourself to use their database and stare at some pretty graphics in the meantime.

RJ Bell – @RJInVegas

The founder of sports betting analysis website Pregame, Bell is a notable name in the industry and has some of the best betting tips Twitter offers. He’s currently the Associated Press’ odds provider. They also scored a cameo appearance on HBO’s Ballers in 2017!


The world of sports betting is wide, and people are involved with it worldwide. The best in the business will nevertheless rise to the top in terms of winnings and social media clout. This means there are many people out there whose insights can help you improve your odds.

Checking out the ten Twitter accounts listed above is an excellent way to start enhancing your understanding of sports: there are, of course, many other Twitter betting accounts out there, and looking through the #sportsbetting hashtag can be a great way to find additional insights and other Twitter handicappers to follow.

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