The GAMMA Jacket, an Apparel Revolution

Fashion doesn’t always keep up with the times. Even as technology advances and new textiles could be made more easily and affordably, the principles of clothing stayed largely the same. We needed warm clothes for cold weather and breathable clothing for the hotter months. However, innovative materials might change that forever.

The new GAMMA jacket utilizes graphene to give the wearer the best of both worlds. This jacket can be worn to pretty much every occasion and functions as a stylish piece for any look. مال مجاني

What Is Graphene?

Graphene has been described as a supermaterial for its unique properties. It has a carbon atom lattice construct, but unlike most common structures, graphene is a single atom thick. Although it might seem impossible at first glance, graphene is incredibly durable despite its minimal thickness. This also makes graphene unusually light for such a strong material.

Some of graphene’s other notable properties include high energy conductivity and receptivity and incredible heat conductivity. While scientists are currently experimenting with graphene as a possible battery and solar cell material of the future, the GAMMA jacket is using some of its more mundane features to great effect.

How It Works

The jacket utilizes a thin sheet of graphene infused into nylon layers, providing the jacket with the needed strength, support, heat conductivity, and waterproofing. The jacket is effectively an all-climate jacket since it performs equally well in hot and cold temperatures.

In colder seasons, the graphene layer redistributes and traps the wearer’s natural body heat, keeping them warmer for far longer than an uninsulated layer. الرهانات When the weather turns cold, the built-in heaters will usually suffice. These heaters can be powered by any battery pack, connected via a USB port in the internal pocket. These should be enough to heat the jacket up to toasty summer temperatures regardless of the outside weather. العاب اون لاين مجانا In warmer weather, on the other hand, the jacket’s superior moisture-wicking capabilities allow you to stay cool.

The graphene layer also offers UV protection, shielding the wearer (and the jacket itself) from harmful UV radiation.

Neutral, Trendy, and Perfect for Any Weather

The jacket is all-black with minor greyscale details. This neutral tone allows it to match pretty much any outfit. With this jacket, you can combine style with technologically superior materials, making sure you look good and feel good while wearing it.

No amount of style would be enough without accessories that make the jacket highly usable. Luckily, the GAMMA jacket comes with a total of 10 pockets spread around the piece. This allows you to carry more valuables than most other jackets and coats would allow, further bolstering the jacket’s practicality.

All-Terrain, All-Climate, All GAMMA

Due to its unique capabilities, the GAMMA jacket is perfectly suited for outdoor trips of any kind. Whether you’re going mountain climbing, camping, or to the beach, the GAMMA jacket can protect you from the weather and the sun alike.

If you want to find out more benefits of the GAMMA jacket, follow the manufacturer’s crowdfunder at


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