Top casino games on PlayStation Vita and PSP

From its inception, the casino industry has never relented adopting advanced trends to enable it to serve the player’s interest satisfactorily. Some of the industry’s remarkable changes in the past include developing better games and an increase in casino gaming companies.

Also, over the past years, there are gaming devices that have been created to allow the players to access the games they need anywhere at any time. That makes the Canadian players have a fantastic gaming experience whenever they opt to play their favourite games.

Playstation Vita and PSP are some of the latest technological adoptions that will see the industry soar into a bright future successfully. However, that is not possible without better games that suit them. That’s why we linked up with our gaming expert Michelle Thomas (check the profile), to enlighten you on some of the casino games on the consoles. Here are the top PSP and Playstation Vita games to consider

Warhammer: Battle for Atluma

It’s a game of strategy and wits that offers the players more than 400 cards to collect. The cards help the players to conquer their opponents without any obstacles. When playing the game, you will have to enter the old world and battle through the vast armies.

The vast armies are either those of Grand alliance or evil Hordes of Darkness. The best thing about the game is that the secrets of the Atluma will be revealed along the way, which will help shape future battles.

Some of the aspects that will excite you about Battle of Atluma include its wireless multi gamer that will allow you to fight your opponents in the game and trade cards by connecting the game without wires.

The game also requires the players to make wise decisions that will either lead to life or death. It’s among the top classic casino games that no Canadian player would wish to miss on their PSP.

Hard rock casino

It’s a game that will allow you to enter into a virtual casino world and throw yourself into a vortex. It gives the Canadian players a chance to play the common but favourite online casinos such as those highlighted on the casino sites, like Vulkan Vegas.

They will choose to play either baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker. The experience when playing the game is ever amazing, thus making the players yearn for more playtime. It allows every player to build on their bankroll and win some of the amazing rewards.

Like other games, it also commands the use of gaming skills and winning strategies. But it allows the majority of the players to excel in the game. The package is available on PSPs and PSP2. Although the game disadvantages those who love downloads because its downloadable version isn’t developed, making it a challenge. The best thing is about PSP games because they offer the players the gaming experience they desire.

Payout Poker and casino

Do you believe you have the ability to become a high roller player internationally? If yes, then it’s the right time to roll your sleeves and put your skills to test. Playing Payout poker will allow you to exploit your hidden gaming potential.

It’s among the top games that will put you amidst the international jet set. It creates a high rolling winner and allows the player to customize their own characters through physical features such as hair and face. The players also enjoy the privilege of dominating the gaming space more than the opponents.

World Poker Tour

Any player who has played the game will confirm that it’s among the amazing power virtual stimulation poker games to play. It gives the players an excellent gaming experience. The title was based on a world poker tour, a TV series that was aired in the West. Any player who wanted to emerge victorious in the game had to beat all the opponents. It allows the players to view their online characters’ achievements.

From the above, it’s evident that Sony was keen on what would make the players’ gaming experience better. That’s why they found it worth developing the gaming consoles alongside the existing slot machines. Any player who has used any of the two to play their favourite casino game will admit that it was one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in the world of casinos.


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