Top 5 Best YouTube Channels For Speedcubers

Cubing is great. If you are someone who is looking forward to an exciting experience with cubes and is looking forward to gaining immense experience and training in the world of cubes, then I have got the best way for you to help you make that entry convenient and swift.

In this article, I am going to mention the top five youtube channels that are best for speedcubing. These youtube channels provide great training videos which are very insightful and learning-oriented. It is a great way to kickstart the journey of cubing.

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So, without any further ado let’s get started with indulging ourselves in the world of cubes.

Cubelelo official is a great youtube channel that will provide you with everything that you need to know to start with your speedcubing experience. From the training videos to videos with fun tips and tricks, cubelelo officially offers it all. The training videos are designed to suit every level of cuber, whether it be beginner, intermediate, or advanced, everyone can benefit from the extensively, elaborate and efficient videos. 

Moreover, there are videos for advanced cubers who would just like a sneak peek into the algorithm. The most amazing part of this youtube channel is the variety that it offers. You can find videos on everything related to cubes, whether you want to know about the best speedcubing timer or the mathematical calculation of figuring out the number of ways in which a cube can be solved, this youtube channel offers it all. It is a one-stop destination for all the cube related worries. 

  • Redkb

An awesome channel for the cubers, with a great community and following of about three million subscribers, this youtube channel offers everything from cube patterns, to a variety of designs. Moreover, one cool part of this amazing youtube channel is that it also provides unboxing reviews of the various cubes out in the market. So, if you are looking for a channel to identify great cube patterns and want some great advice on the cube that you need to buy, then this is your go-to channel. ivermectin tablets for sale

  • MeMyselfandPi

Well, one of the best cubing channels out there with commendable tutorials on how to solve a cube, this channel is a great way to kickstart your journey into the world of cubes. The channel provides the best tutorials and easy learning algorithms that could help you solve your cube within seconds. Moreover, the channel also provides great insights and tips on how to solve other twisty puzzles such as mastermorphix, axis cube, and many more. Definitely a great cubing channel to go for.

  • Fazrulz1

Fazrulz 1 is a youtube channel by Feliks Zemdegs who is himself a Rubik’s cube world champion. So, I am pretty sure that his tips and tricks for solving a Rubik’s cube and other exciting twisty puzzles would be to look for. And how exciting would it be to learn the best of the cubing with a world champion himself, right? quill mites ivermectin Fazrulz 1 is a great youtube channel to learn to cube and go ahead with your journey to the very end. A recommendable youtube channel, this channel should be given a chance. 

  • Thrawst

One of the most popular youtube channels out there. It is definitely amongst the favourite of several speedcubers out there. With a community and a following of about four hundred thousand subscribers. This youtube channel provides a variety of cubing tips and tricks and insights that are hugely helpful for speedcubers. Moreover, its tip of the week series is widely popular amongst speedcubers. stromectol achat en ligne canada So, check the youtube channel out.

Final Words


Youtube channels are a great way to learn and train to speedcube. It is cost-effective and is also convenient in a lot of ways. Moreover, you can learn cubing from anywhere, anytime, and even from the convenience of your home with the help of these amazing youtube channels. 

These five youtube channels provide a variety of features that are distinguishable and varied in their context. The Amazing part of these youtube channels is that all of them are unique and offer something different from each other, so all of these channels are definitely to look out for. 

If you are someone finding a way to learn and excel in speedcubing then there is nothing better than starting with learning and getting inspired from these youtube channels. Exciting and learning-oriented all of these youtube channels will offer a variety of resourceful insights to you. Moreover, it could even prove to be a great way to know more about the subscribers and make some new friends who have the same learning ideology regarding cubes as you. 

So, without any further wait, jump into the ride of your passion, and ride to the land of cubes through the amazing youtube channels. Learn and teach, maybe you might become greatly insightful to create one of your own.

Happy cubing!


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