8 Skills Java Developers Must Have to Get Hired

Last year, Java celebrated its 25th anniversary and, as a programming language, holds its position among the top three popular programming languages in the world. Java projects are widespread as they follow the object-oriented programming paradigm and are suitable for executing desktop, web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

CTOs that are in search of Java developers for hire face problems in the hiring process related to the skills the Java developers should have, especially the hard skills that define their expertise. Since Java projects can be so versatile, the skill set of the Java developers must be polished and very straightforward. تكساس هولدم However, there are still several skills that Java developers for hire must have so that they can be considered for the job. Let’s take a look at the list.

1. Knowledge of Software Design & Architecture

First off, Java developers must have a deep understanding of the software and architecture of Java. This will equip them with enough knowledge to handle the functionality of the project’s framework successfully. Plus, they will be able to design and set the architecture with the use of the popular technological stack.

2. Know How to do Object-Oriented Programming

If the Java developer is not able to do object-oriented programming well and has experience in the field, you should be considering another candidate. When we talk about object-oriented programming, here is what the developers should know:

  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Predefined types
  • User-defined types
  • Operations

3. Know to Work with Design Principles

Of course, a Java developer must know the critical design principles so that they can make important decisions throughout the project. The list includes:

  • SOLID Principles
  • DRY (don’t repeat yourself)
  • KISS (keep it simple, stupid)
  • YAGNI (you ain’t gonna need it)

4. Know-How to Build Microservices

Instead of building monolithic applications, Java developers should know how to work with microservices. To be successful at it, they need to understand the Docker Container so that they can create and compile microservices applications in various environments. For that purpose, seek a Java developer who knows the DURS principles:

  • Domain-driven Design
  • Failure Isolation
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Decentralization
  • DevOps

5. Work with DevOps Tools

The DevOps tools are needed for continuous integration and ongoing deployment. To know the best practices, the Java developers must know how to create an infrastructure environment while building scripts and guidelines. The DevOps features and tools include understanding of:

  • Dev operations
  • Technical benefits
  • Business benefits
  • Monitoring
  • Metrics KPIs
  • Automation
  • Pipeline
  • Toolchain
  • CI/CD

6. Know about APIs

Going the extra mile for a Java developer would be to know the following APIs:

  • JSON Processing APIs
  • XML Processing APIs
  • Logging APIs
  • Collection APIs
  • Date & Time APIs

Knowing these APIs is one of the characteristics of an experienced Java developer that help them understand the major part of the programming language ecosystem.

7. Have Superior Coding Skills

Without a doubt, having great coding skills is vital for every developer. However, to keep being great at coding, the developer should work every day on their coding skills, improving them daily. These types of java developers can think outside the framework they are working with and propose their own unique solutions based on their code. شرح لعبه البوكر

8. Know-How to Test Units

Finally, the great Java developer should be able to do unit testing, automated testing, and integration testing. This will make them more confident during the development phase and will help them write better, reusable code. Also, they will be able to catch bugs earlier in the process. Some of the unit testing libraries a Java developer should know how to use are PowerMock, Mockito, Robot, and Cucumber.


There are many Java developers out there. To find the right one for your project, you must look at the right place and for the most skilled one (putting the emphasis on skilled; however skills relevant to the project you want to hire them for). قانون البوكر Apart from looking for specific things, you need to look for an expert who covers the majority of the list discussed above and, of course, is always eager to learn more.

Getting the right talent is always the stepping stone of a successful project. What makes it successful until its completion depends on various factors, including more than the expertise. But, let’s start from it. Focus on the list and find the talent you need.

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