Viewing Instagram Story Anonymously

Instagram stories are a quick binge watch into any person’s life. Once you tap on a story you can’t stop scrolling till you reach the last one story. Everyone displays their daily fun and frolic over these stories. While scrolling through these perfectly drafted stories we tend to click or swipe on a story that we wanted to see but without letting the person whose story it is know. gave goat too much ivermectin Of course you have had such a moment once in your life where you regret opening the story. ivermectina 6mg 2 comprimidos preço To skip such a situation we have a great solution of all times just for you, StoriesIG Instagram story viewer.

Confused what StoriesIG does?

  • Watch stories anonymously:

Gone are the days when you had to make a fake account just to view someone’s story anonymously. Well if we look closely the person can still see that someone is viewing their stories but just with a different name. StoriesIG is online software that helps you view anyone’s story anonymously. It is a third-party platform that provides you the ability to view any user’s story but without being enlisted as it is not using Instagram. StoriesIG is one of the best apps to view stories while concealing your identity.

  • Download stories to repost:

Instagram is a great platform to share picture, audio, video and text content over stories. Instagram does give you a number of tools to create and share stories but just over Instagram. ivermectina vitamedic preo farmcia popular You cannot download the stories of any other user from Instagram. StoriesIG helps you out with this problem and provides you an option to download stories anonymously directly into your gallery.

  • No need for an Instagram account to watch stories:

StoriesIG helps you watch stories without having an Instagram account. If you wish to watch a story of a particular user it is not necessary to have an Instagram account. All you need is the username or simply name of the person. StoriesIG fetches the profile of the user along with all the stories posted by that person using the provided username.

  • Share stories with your friends:

Of course you can share the story with a friend on Instagram. But what if you want to share a story on some other application, say whatsapp, facebook etc. StoriesIG helps you download stories directly into your gallery from where you can share the story with anyone on any platform. Now share unlimited stories with your friends from Instagram.

How to use StoriesIG?

In order to access the StoriesIG Instagram story viewer, you need to download the application from APK, Playstore, App store or access the free tool from the official website of StoriesIG. Launch the application and enter the username in the field provided. You can even copy the username from Instagram. Tap the search button and StoriesIG fetches the story from their profile for you to view and download anonymously. StoriesIG allows you to view and download stories from a public account only in order to respect privacy norms for profiles on Instagram.

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