Why Should You Be Microsoft Azure Certified?

There has been a drastic change in the way of computing in recent years. ivermectin for humans ringworm There has been a shift from traditional computing methods to cloud computing. The way business is conducted been redefined by cloud computing. This technology has witnessed exponential growth. According to Oracle’s Cloud Predictions, by 2025, 80% of all organizations will shift to cloud-based technologies.

Some of the most notable cloud vendors in this area are Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS. With such massive growth in cloud computing, the demand for certified cloud professionals has also increased. Pursuing a cloud computing certification has various benefits if you are a professional looking to enter the field of cloud computing. Microsoft Azure is one of the pioneers in cloud computing certifications with options for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Hence, Microsoft Azure certifications are some of the most in-demand certifications on the cloud computing market.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud provider that offers various solutions and services such as computing, networking, storage, analytics, etc. More than 57% of companies belonging to Fortune 500 are using Microsoft Azure. Currently, it is the second-largest cloud service provider in the world. It also offers an online portal, wherein the various services that Azure offers can be accessed.

Microsoft Azure offers various certification courses. With these courses, one can learn different Azure aspects and earn a certificate on completing the course. Professionals can pursue a certification of their choice based on their goals and their experience level. Also, these certification courses are offered online; hence, anyone can easily follow them at their convenience.

Some of the certifications offered by Microsoft Azure include –

1. Azure Solution Architect – This certification is ideal for IT professionals as well as solution architects. With this certification, professionals can learn how to develop and deploy applications and create cloud solutions.

2. Azure Developer Associate – This certification is for professionals who want to take the Azure Developer Certified Associate exam. It is ideal for professionals who have experience in programming and want to learn more about Azure. Professionals should have some experience with designing and building cloud solutions.

3. Azure Administrator Associate – Professionals who want to take the MS Azure Infrastructure and Deployment exam or the MS Azure Integration and Security exam, the Azure Administrator Associate is an ideal certification.

Benefits of Pursuing Microsoft Azure Certifications

There are several benefits of pursuing Microsoft Azure certifications, including –

1. Flexibility – If you are a professional who wants flexibility in your career, you can get it by pursuing Microsoft Azure certifications. Various certificates are available based on different fields, such as cloud architects, developers, and solutions architects. You will also find the flexibility to work in whichever sector you prefer, including entertainment, finance, healthcare, and others. This is because the requirement for cloud computing technologies is present in almost every sector and industry. Another flexibility that one can get by pursuing Microsoft Azure certifications is the flexibility to work from anywhere globally, be it India, the United States, Italy, Germany, or France.

2. Learning – With Microsoft Azure certifications, professionals can learn how to utilize theoretical knowledge to solve business problems. You can learn theoretical concepts and apply these concepts to solve business problems in the real world. These concepts can be used in the form of projects or virtual lab programs.

3. Showcase your knowledge – One of the significant benefits of pursuing Microsoft Azure certifications is that you can showcase your abilities in Azure to potential employers. These certifications can give a much-needed boost to your resume and make you stand out among other professionals, especially if you have relevant work experience, along with having pursued certifications. Employers tend to prefer applicants who are well-trained with certifications and also have some experience. Microsoft Azure certifications are impressive credentials to have on your resume and showcase your knowledge and abilities.

4. Interaction – Another benefit of pursuing Microsoft Azure certification courses is learning from industry professionals. Still, you also get to interact and network with classmates and experts from the industry. You can expand your network and stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the cloud computing industry.

5. Career growth – With Microsoft Azure certifications, you will land your dream job and earn a better salary because of your advanced training. Having acquired a Microsoft Azure certification shows that you are an expert in the field. According to Business Wire, professionals’ salaries with online certification courses increased by at least 20 to 40 percent. revectina 6mg 4 comprimidos According to Payscale.com, individuals certified with Microsoft Azure certifications can earn an average annual salary of $128,468, based on their job profile and location. Also, by pursuing Microsoft Azure certifications, professionals can get a chance to work in one of the Fortune 500 companies as these companies actively hire cloud computing professionals who are certified.

6. Better learning approach – It is possible to learn by reading blogs online or watching tutorial videos, but Microsoft Azure certifications provide a better and more structured learning approach. Professionals who pursue these certifications can easily understand everything and receive help and feedback from experts while learning.

7. Proof of commitment – Another great benefit of pursuing a Microsoft Azure certification is that it acts as proof of your commitment to learning. It is not easy to acquire a professional certification like Microsoft Azure certifications. Professionals need to learn from online classes, prepare for the examination, and successfully obtain the certificate. posso dar ivermectina para filhote de cachorro This is evidence that you are willing to allocate your time, efforts, and resources to further yourself in the cloud computing industry. It shows your dedication to your career, and employers greatly admire this.

Whether you’re an amateur looking to learn everything about Azure from the beginning or you have some professional experience, there are several Microsoft Azure certifications that you can pursue, as per your needs.


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