Smart Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

Each of us makes a big impact on the environment with our actions.

Many homeowners often never relate the eco-friendly concept with moving. Yes, moving boxes are recyclable, but along the way, moving activities accumulate a lot of trash, waste materials, and multiple trips.

Making an effort to reduce your environmental footprint during the move is an exclamatory contribution to the world you breathe in. Jordan River Moving and Storage is the best in town, our team is specially trained, fully licensed and insured.

So, how to plan for an eco-friendly move? Here are smart tips you must implement:-

Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

One of the most crucial steps in your pursuit of an eco-friendly move is to book an eco-friendly moving company that cares about the environment.  To make your next move sustainable, reach out to the best movers in Melbourne for free quotes and to learn how they contribute to green moving practices. Visit and book a field visit today.

Ask them questions about how eco-conscious they are? Request them to explain in detail, how and what exactly they do to preserve the environment. These include biodegradable bubble wraps to recycled cardboard boxes.

Gift &  Donate, Don’t Throw Unwanted Stuff

To organise your eco-friendly move, the top priority must be decluttering your home and moving with stuff you intend to use in the future. Well, you think getting rid of things you don’t need would make your move greener, then you are wrong.

Don’t fill the landfill, instead give and donate the stuff.

You can give stuff to your neighbours, friends, and relatives. Donate all the still usable items such as electronic devices, clothes, shoes, canned food, toys, etc. ivermectin egg withholding period You can reach out to charities near you, they’ll come to your place to collect your contribution.

And, finally, if things are only good to throw away, ensure you reach out to a local recycling centre to recycle these items in an eco-friendly manner.

Rent Recyclable Moving Boxes

Boxes are one of the most essential elements of moving, but they are the least sustainable and contribute to waste afterwards. Finding boxes to pack your valuables is challenging, and it becomes even more so if you want to get recyclable moving boxes.

Fortunately, there are dedicated companies that offer recyclable moving boxes as an alternative option.

They offer drop-off and pick-up service, so you’ve nothing to worry about the boxes once your unpacking is done.

Get Creative With Packing Materials

Unlike the cardboards, the packing materials are not easily recycled. Do you know you can recycle the packaging materials at local points, instead of tossing them in the trash bin after use?

Before you start acquiring packing materials that are difficult to dispose of, you tend to start with what you already have. You can use linens, towels, comforters, and even clothes for safely wrapping your stuff for moving.

If you require additional materials, go with a newspaper, which can be recycled after use. Go online and search places where you can dispose of packing materials once you are done with them. can you smoke on ivermectin

Minimum Back and Forth Trips

Even if you are relocating a couple of blocks away, try to make the fewest number of trips with your move. You must skip unnecessary trips to and from your new address, and your focus should be on getting most of your shipments transported by your mover.

If you have plans to do some of your moving on your own, pack most in your car/van, rather than transporting in small batches. The fewer trips you make, the less fuel you burn and save the environment.


The accumulation of unwanted stuff and trash is unavoidable when preparing for the move. The chances are quite high when clearing up the closets, cupboards, etc.

There’s a lot you want to get rid of. Do you want to be responsible for trash going into the landfills; just by moving to a new apartment? raskin associates mectizan Make a plan in advance of how you would like to deal with all the trash bins.

For instance, if you have several world electronic cords and smartphones, reach out to a local electronic recycling centre to drop them off. If you have tons of papers and documents, find a paper shredding and recycling centre. Make piles of what needs to be recycled, and plan accordingly.

Sustainable moving requires planning, and creativity & a little bit of patience. Having a thoughtful mindset when moving and the planet will thank you.

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