15 Days Strategies to Crack AFCAT 2 2021 Exam

The official notification for AFCAT has been released by the Indian air force for Indian candidates (men and women). There are 334 vacancies at the ground duties and the flying branch for both non-technical and technical posts. Indian force conduct AFCAT i.e. Air Force Common Admission Test to recruit eligible and desirable candidates. This exam is conducted twice every year.

To crack this exam, candidates must be aware of all the important updates given by the Indian force. They must be well versed with the latest syllabus, eligibility criteria, exam pattern, and selection process.

AFCAT 2 2021 exam is going to be held on 28, 29, and 30 August 2021. So there are about 15 days left for this exam. Aspirants should prepare accordingly, by making a full-proof strategy for these 15 days.

As we all know, AFCAT is a tough exam but if you do smart work then nothing can stop you. Aspirants start their preparation generally 10-15 days before the exam. fogadoiroda So as we have left with very little time, candidates should do each and everything in a right and smart way.

The AFCAT exam consists of 1000 questions and is a 300 marks paper, to be answered in the time limit of 2 hours.

The AFCAT is a computer-based test that is given to applicants and the results are then used to determine whether or not an applicant will be admitted to the Air Force. The AFCAT is a three-part test that consists of a Technical Knowledge section, a Verbal Ability section, and a Quantitative Ability section. The entire test is given on a computer and is only three hours long.

The exam consists of questions on

  1. English
  2. Aptitude
  3. General Knowledge
  4. Spatial ability

How to prepare for AFCAT

Here, are some of the tips that can help the aspirants to do their crash course preparation:

  • Firstly, you should know all the mathematics formulas at your fingertips. Like simplification, average, percentage, proportion, simple interest, and profit and loss, etc.
  • Secondly, start reading thoroughly especially the G.K. and English part. These two parts are majorly responsible for giving merit. The major focus should be on English grammar and general knowledge.
  • Start surfing the internet. Go through all the previous year and current year’s current affairs.
  • Try to focus on the easy part of the exam like spatial ability and military aptitude. Give a look at the pattern of questions these parts can have. bukméker tétje
  • Topics include knowledge-based questions like history, politics, culture, art, geography, sports, environment, and defence, etc., you should not waste time on all the topics. In fact you should try to focus only those parts which are of your interest.
  • Moreover, you should try to solve practice papers as much as you can. And pay attention to your mistakes and try to revise on those topics again. Solving papers will also help you to finish the paper on time.

So, these were some of the AFCAT 2 preparation tips that you should start following now. The best strategy is to work out what the question is asking you to do, then stop and think about it. Do you know the answer? Is it something you know or is it something you have to look up? If you’re good at verbal reasoning then it should be easy to answer most of the verbal questions.

I suggest you look at the question and then write down the answer. It’s a surefire way to remember it.

Here, are some of the strategies that you will need for this exam.

  • Develop proper time management skills. So that you can answer maximum questions with minimum time.
  • Make a Schedule for AFCAT Exam Preparation
  • Make some flashcards of general knowledge questions and of English grammar.
  • Refer to the NCERT books for history, geography, etc., of 6th to 10th class
  • Make a Goal for AFCAT Exam Preparation
  • Go through e-books for preparation
  • Take proper rest before sitting for the exam
  • Candidates should know their weak and the strong points and should prepare accordingly
  • Try to make a formula chart of all the mathematics formulas. So that you can revise them every time.
  • Start reading newspapers like The Hindu/Indian daily express.
  • Take a look at previous year’s question papers. And try to understand the way of asking questions.
  • Calculators, mobile phones, Bluetooth, or any other smart device are not allowed during the exam
  • No new topic should be added at the last moment.
  • Strategize a proper time-table for AFCAT 2 2021 preparation


Day 1-Day 15 Read newspapers, current affairs for at least 1 hour daily
Day 1-day 6 Practice mathematics questions 5-6 hours daily and revise all the formulas
Day 6-day8 Practice reasoning questions 5-6 hours daily and revise all the concepts
Day 9-day 11 Focus on the English part, try to learn new words, and learn antonyms and synonyms
Day 11-day 15 Revise all the concepts and formulas, solve at least 2-3 papers daily

You can prepare for AFCAT online also. AFCAT online preparation is way better as you don’t have to waste your time going somewhere. You can attend online lectures and practice everything at your home only. In fact, you can take doubts if you have any. You can attend the best classes anywhere in the world. Online classes provide a flexible education system that allows candidates to study through the computer. Online classes will provide flexible hours to study so you can plan accordingly your time table.

Some more tips

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1) Study regularly.

2) Don’t panic.

3) Don’t miss any important date.

4) Have a good sleep.

5) Eat healthy food.

6) Don’t fall for any fake exam coaching center.

7) Don’t cheat.

8) Have a good study environment.

9) Don’t over-think.

10) Don’t skip your study sessions.

11) Don’t forget your revision sessions.

12) Have a good study environment.

13) Don’t rely on any book.

14) Don’t give up.

All the Best!


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