Benefits of Flipped Classroom Approach

A flipped classroom is a type of methodology of blended learning where teachers give priority to active learning & students are introduced to content at home and practice working through it at school. Here lectures and study materials are given to the students to be viewed at home and to complete assignments independently. Here in this era of modernization, innovation in the field of education can also be seen. Flipped Classroom Approach is one of those innovative methods of teaching which gives a student a reliability on his own abilities and gives him/her an inspiration to watch, read, search and do his/her academic tasks by himself/herself.

There are two parts of flipped classrooms- at home and at school. Let’s understand what basically students do at home and at school, in a flipped classroom method? At home with the help of online teaching apps, students watch an online lecture, review online course material provided by the teacher while online teaching, read and understand digital texts, participate in group discussions online and execute research work too. Teachers also keep an eye that whatever online teaching apps students opt they can give them proper online teaching. At school they participate in group discussion and have debates face to face with fellow students on the basis of their online preparation at home, same way they do skill practice either guided by teacher or without too, they give presentations, do lab experiments and perform station learning too.

This process makes student use their potential in an interactive and jolly way where out of boredom students takes interest in learning and memorizing the course material. In flipped classroom model students’ study under the guidance of teacher on the basis of content they search on their own. Here when the teacher assigns the tasks or assignments to the students, they use their creativity to a maximum extent and this boost their own potential to study and understand the topics in their subjects by themselves and reduces their dependability on teacher or school in the matter of study. This benefitted teacher’s teaching plan too. Earlier teachers used to spend a lot of time with students struggling with various issues such as not understanding the topics. Now this issue is resolved automatically when the student himself/herself searches and understands the topic according to their grasping capacity and in school teachers have to just accelerate them to a practical session where the rest of the students’ doubts of students also get cleared. Here wastage of time saved and students got more compatibility with their studies too.

Less ‘sit and listen’ equals more ‘do and learn’ — and the flipped model is making class time more enjoyable, productive and engaging for students and teachers. Usually, we are accustomed to traditional teaching methods but the introduction of technology to education has changed this scenario too. A lot of time used to be wasted earlier in making students attentive to look towards black boards, but here students are made to take interest by themselves and when students come to school having prepared the topic then teachers don’t have to make them glued to black boards and stay to the podium themselves. After giving them guidance, he can set them free to discuss the topics in various groups and can walk around the classroom guiding each group from time to time. A completely changed scenario of teaching is this. 

The most amazing thing about this methodology is that the whole process has become upside down and that too in a productive way without any harm. Now instead of paying attention to lectures in the classroom and using whatever the student has read in class to do his homework, students will watch online lectures at home before the class starts and apply those study materials in practical sessions at school. Here teachers also don’t have to be all the time thumb holders of students, instead he will mentor self-learning students.

We do know that each and every thing in this world has pros and cons. Same way flipped classrooms also have some cons which few people think are good. Such as it is assumed that it lacks the proper finishing of a topic by the teacher. Every student won’t be able to gather such technological support for home research online. Increased time to watch the screen can harm the eyesight of students. All homes and atmosphere won’t be very supportive to this type of study.

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