5 simple steps to recycle waste oil! Let’s stop the next black heart oil incident

In the face of these waste cooking oil, some people choose to pour it directly into the drain, but this small action will actually turn into a series of catastrophes. Because these oils and other substances combine to form blockages, which not only block your water pipes, but also block sewers. Normally, the pipes will emit foul smells, attract rats and cockroaches, and when heavy rains come, they will also cause floods because they cannot drain water. In addition, if it is not properly recycled, waste oil will also cause water and soil pollution, which in turn will have a greater ecological impact. لعب بوكر

The second spring of edible oil: biodiesel

Instead of throwing away the waste oil at will, it is better to recycle the oil properly. Commonly recycled oil can be made from handmade soap, or you can hand it over to professionals to remake into biodiesel for industrial use. For example, trucks, airplanes, and many machinery use diesel as fuel. General petrochemical diesel is refined from petroleum; “biodiesel” is derived from dead organisms, such as animal fat or vegetable oils such as soybeans and corn.

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Biodiesel has many advantages. Compared with ordinary diesel, biodiesel is cleaner. Moreover, biodiesel can be used alone or mixed with petroleum in any ratio. The equipment used requires only a few adjustments, or even no changes, to operate directly on the original petrochemical diesel machinery. According to a 1998 study by the US Energy Administration and the Bureau of Agriculture, biodiesel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 78% compared to petrochemical diesel, so biodiesel can also reduce our environmental pollution.

Easily recycle cooking oil

Recycling oil has many benefits. In addition to making the environment cleaner, it can also produce renewable energy. But how to recycle the edible oil that is not usually used at home? It takes only five simple steps to easily recycle waste cooking oil:

  1. Wait for the oil to cool to room temperature
  2. Find a clean container: You can use the milk jug or the original oil jug. If there is residue in the jug, remember to wash the jug with water and dry it completely before you can use it.
  3. Use funnel and filter screen to fill the oil into the bottle: it is more convenient to use the funnel when pouring the oil into the tank, and the filter screen can filter the impurities remaining in the oil to prevent food debris from being mixed in the oil.
  4. The oil in the can can also be added: In addition to the oil left by the fried food, the oil left by the canned fish or shacha sauce can also be added to the can, but be careful not to mix the sauce together Up. موقع العرب
  5. Give it to the cleaning crew of the garbage truck for recycling

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Recycling waste oil has many benefits

Whether it is an ordinary small family, or the waste cooking oil left by food vendors or restaurants every day, it should be properly handed over to the government agency for recycling. Not only can the oil be recycled and reused as a more environmentally friendly fuel or product, but it can also be protected. The environment is free from pollution. موقع وليام هيل للمراهنات In addition, be careful not to hand over waste oil to recyclers of unknown origin for small gains. If it is misappropriated by unscrupulous operators, the damage caused is even harder to estimate.

Although some procedures are needed to recycle, it seems a bit troublesome, but recycling waste oil has many benefits. It only needs to go through five simple steps to protect the environment and ensure that we will not harm others and ourselves. Why not do it. ?


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