Aconcagua Expeditions – Luck Is Always Necessary in the Mountains

We continue ascending en route to Canada Square, and we leave behind a rocky promontory called “Piedras Conway” (4750 meters) named in honor of the English scientist William Conway. He toured the area at the end of the 19th century, where we took the time to take a break.

On this journey, we were “carrying” material to supply the high altitude camps of Mount Aconcagua, a practice that consists of gradually carrying the necessary load to use in the different stages of the ascent and that, as we mentioned earlier, also contributes to acclimatization, since you go up to a certain level. Then you go down to sleep at the lower level. العاب ربح مال حقيقي

That morning before departure, we had received news that was devastating and decisive for me, and that would affect the future decisions that I would make in the course of events. a Thai mountaineer had died at the summit while he was doing his Aconcagua hike. They were waiting to improve the time so that the hard-working rescue patrol could ascend to rescue the body and lower it to an approximate elevation of 5500 meters, from where the rescue helicopter could operate. Countless things began to cross my mind, my children, my wife, my job. would it be worth risking them to get to a summit …?

Finally, when we arrived at the altitude camp called “Canadá” at 5070 meters. After resting, I analyzed the events that had taken place. Considering that the weather continued to deteriorate, I proposed my partner the alternative of abandoning the ascent. Luckily my colleague, although with great pain, accepted this possibility. We gave up on continuing with the expedition. It is noteworthy that the excellent predisposition and understanding among the members could achieve that the outcome had a good ending since an agreement is not always reached, which determines the beginning of conflicts and unwanted lawsuits for the situations and circumstances that one is living in that moment. Never try climb Aconcagua cheap; it would be a big mistake

We continue ascending a little towards the next high camp, “Nido de Cóndores,” at 5400 meters, to “try” a little the feeling of being at higher elevations, and then we begin our descent. Once we are in the tent remembering the events that happened on that busy day, we go to sleep thinking about what we lived and experienced during the day. العاب تربح اموال حقيقية The following day, sharing breakfast with two mountaineers from Mendoza who were going through the experience of the ascent to report it in a local newspaper, we commented on the decision to return to Penitentes, the starting point of the expedition. “It is a good decision,” they affirmed, giving for granted the wise words of ancient mountaineers who said that the mountain would always be there and that we would only have to try it another time, better predisposed and prepared. لعبة الخيل عبر الانترنت Then we began to prepare our return since the arduous walk awaited us with almost seven hours ahead of us until we finally arrived at the Laguna Horcones post.


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