The History of Bronte Australia

What is it about Australia’s Bronte that is so fascinating? Bronte is strategically situated on Nelson Bay in Sidney, Australia, with some of the most breathtaking scenic views, including Bronte park and Bronte beach. The place is named after Robert Lowe’s house, known as Bronte. The name takes after the Duke of Bronte, Lord Nelson, the Duke of Bronte in 1799, courtesy of the king of Naples.

Brief Historical Facts About Bronte House

Bronte house was known initially as Lowe house, named after Robert Lowe, and originally sat on about 42 acres. The completion of the house was around 1845. As a renowned politician in the area, Robert Lowe Bronte’s house was equally famous, hence taking after this name.

Bronte house was a favorite meeting ground for all types of professionals, from intellectuals to politicians. And even though Robert Lowe left Sydney, returning to England in early 1850, the house continued with business as usual. A few years later, though, the property changed hands, and with it, significant alterations and additions to it.

Over the years, the Bronte estate underwent subdivisions so that it had different owners. Currently, the one-storied house belongs to the Waverley council, often leasing out to private tenants. Famously established streets and drives around the estate, including Trafalgar Road, Nelson Road, and Nelson bay, are all in honor of Lord Nelson. Currently, Nelson Road is known as Bronte road.

The Origins of Bronte As Public Recreation

Among the early establishments at Bronte was a park for public recreation. Reports state that the municipal council was at the forefront of advocating and lobbying the colonial government to shelve a reserve spot along the Bronte road for this purpose. Activities would include sea bathing, all under the control of the Waverly municipal council.

Still, the project wouldn’t be approved until 1886, when the government granted about 14 acres for public reaction purposes. The committee then embarked on fencing the spot and making other necessary improvements. Later in the 1920s, the park underwent additional enhancements, making the park as modern as possible.

But even as everything was happening, Bronte beach remained private property. Hence activities such as surfing were not available to the general public. The opportunity for surfing baths came in Bronte baths at the southern end of the bay.

All About the Bronte Baths

A swimming spot had long before existed at South Nelson Bay and was commonly known as the bogey hole by the locals. So, in 1883, the Waverley council set aside about 150 pounds for the sea baths project. By 1887, the work had begun and completed the same year. The Bronte baths immediately opened, accompanied by several gender-based swimming rules. For example, gents would bathe from 10.00 am to Ladies would use the baths, save for weekends and holidays when these baths became a preserve of the gentlemen only.

Bronte’s Transport and Commercial Development

As the populations around Bronte began to grow, the need for means of transportation became apparent. The earliest forms of transport were horse-drawn buses. But then, in the 1880s, the steam trams became a standard transportation mode, with the first Waverly terminus coming into being. This was gradually followed by buses and other relatively modern means of transport. Around the same time, the council also proposed a few spots as a commercial center, eventually settling on the Bronte beach and Waverly terminus area. Now, you can find commercial properties up and down the beach, from extravagant restaurants, to tourist shops. Local professionals have also taken up space here, from legal offerings, to Dr. Bobby Chhoker dental services in Bronte. These professional businesses continue to pop up and make Bronte the thriving community that it is today. Wow, how far it’s come since the year 1799.

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