Eris Dalius Discusses the 4 Key Components of a Product Launch Timeline

A product launch timeline describes what is required to be done and by when so that the product is completed in due time. It includes details of all the tasks, the deadlines, the details of the team members, and other necessary elements. It might happen that the activity of one team is depending on another team. In such cases, an effective product launch timeline divides the entire task among the teams. It also helps you to visualize every step that needs to be taken to complete the product.

In this article, we will discuss the 4 basic components of a product launch timeline.

Actionable Goals

The successful launch of the product in due time is the main objective of designing a product launch timeline. But for the successful launch of a product, there are many steps in between that are needed to perform effectively. Let us consider that for promoting the launch event of your product you have to devise an e-mail marketing plan. So, what are the actions that you have to consider for devising the plan? First of all, you have to set a deadline and the date of sending out the first email, for how long your team needs to promote the new product on social media platforms. All such actions can be done properly only if you devise a proper launch timeline.

Eric Dalius Net Worth Says Dates and Deadlines Are a Must

By including all the scheduled dates and deadlines in your product launch timeline; you can give a universal view to all your team members. A team gets to know whether a task that is due is their part of the job or some other team’s or whether they need to collaborate. Let us take an example to understand this in a better way; the sales team may need to collaborate with the marketing team to know how the marketing process is going on to reach a particular number of target customers within a certain deadline. Here they can take the help of the product launch timeline.

Review Process

The activity of one team may depend on the activity of some other team. In such cases, the following team should review the activity of the preceding team at the earliest as any delay can cause disruption of the other ongoing tasks. With so many activities going on it is common that some deadlines may get missed but reviews are very crucial and should be done on time always.

So, it is very important to include the timings and thedeadline of reviews within the product launch timeline- says Eric Dalius net worth.

Metrics and Data

You must also include the various data and metrics you use to measure the success of your product before, during, and after the launch in the product launch timeline. Some such metrics are monthly recurring revenue, customer lifetime value, session duration, daily or monthly active users, and much more. Let us assume that after a certain number of days of your product launch, the customers are asking for a demo then you can make demo videos to achieve a target number of visits and views on your product page. Fulfillment of that target number of views and visits will help you to determine the success of the product.


These are the key components that you must include in your product launch timeline. Though, there can be numerous other components that you can add to your product launch timeline according to your connivance.


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