7 Best OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) in India 2021

OTG oven is a versatile appliance that may be used for the purpose of baking, or perhaps toasting, and even for the purpose of grilling as well.  This versatile kitchen equipment could be utilized to prepare a range of meals, such as cakes and pastries, barbecue meat, and toasted bread, among other things. Whereas the extended cooking process has become one of the disadvantages of OTG ovens, it uses very little power and seems to be a cost-effective oven. So here is the list of the best OTG ovens available in the market out there.

Borosil’s OTG PRO 19 Litres

This Borosil’s OTG oven has 19-litres of volume and is backed by a two-year guarantee. A power source of 1300W is needed. It has five heat stages and a motorised rotator for consistent grilling. It has a thermal management range of 90 to 230 degrees Celsius. Also, there is remain on option and a 1-hour automatic shutoff countdown. Whenever the timing setting is adjusted, the power indicator’s light will immediately switch on. This version additionally includes a detachable crumb plate, a lever for a grilling tray, a cooking plate, and a grilling plate, OTG oven, cooking plate, grilling plate, cookbook, and instructional booklet are all included in the primary bundle. Borosil is primarily a glassware manufacturing firm based in Maharashtra, India. The business is one of India’s leading glassware manufacturers. It is among one of India’s major glassware manufacturers, having substantial operations in the United States.

TMCSS 45-Litre OTG(Silver) from bajaj majesty

The volume given in this Bajaj OTG oven is about 45 litres. This indicates that it can accommodate up to 5 to 8 people. One can do the baking, grilling, and can even make toasts in it, as the name implies. It has a stainless steel frame, degree thermostat range, 1200Watts of heating element, and 1-hour timers, as well as a 12-month guarantee. This has a power rating of 2000 watts and maintains the facility pleasant. Tongs and skewers rode are included in the box, which also contains the OTG oven, the cooking plate, toasting grill and barbecue rack, tongs, and skewers.

Morphy Richards 28 RSS OTG oven 28L

This product by Morphy Richards brand has a capacity of around 30 Litres. It has a two-year guarantee and requires 1600W of power to operate. It has a special feature which keeps the food hot for few hours after it has been prepared, preserving its quality and tastes. For the purpose of broiling or chicken roasting, beef and many other delights, the motorised rotisserie OTG oven comes with forks. The OTG’s galvanised and corrosion-free inner chamber is an energy-saving factor that allows keeping warmth for an extended period of time while reducing heat transfer. It comes with specialized tongs that may be used to remove the baking plate or wire racks from the oven without harming your hands. Morphy is a British electrical device manufacturer based in Swinton.

POTG 28-Litre OTG from prestige (Black)

Prestige brand’s OTG oven requires 1500W of power supply, 230V, and the company offers a one-year guarantee on this product. It has a rotisserie, airflow, and thermal insulation system, as well as an automatic shut schedule. This model’s features include elevated stainless steel radiators, a handle that stays cool for a longer time, and a big size solid glass door. The OTG oven comes with a baking plate and stainless steel wire racks.  Prestige Ltd is a corporation based in India.

30L OTG from Agro grand’s

Little Indian households can save money by purchasing the 30Litres OTG oven instead of the bigger versions. There isn’t really much distinction in terms of functionality since this Agaro Grand’s latest 30L OTG can be used for the purpose of baking, grilling, roasting, and rotating operations. If you’re planning a birthday bash for your kid, this OTG will come in useful for baking delectable cupcakes, biscuits, muffins, and sometimes even pizzas as well. The automatic shut feature with a ring configuration that informs you when the preparation is finished is a feature of this machine. You may programme the device’s timings and heating parameters and then leave it to work. The convenient electromechanical controls for adjusting the heating operations, time, and warmth are among the best handy features of this OTG oven.

Philips HD6975/00 25L Digital Oven Toaster Grill

The Philips branded HD6975/00 25L Digital OTG has become the company’s best-selling product. This OTG oven is a fantastic combo oven. This is among the best recommendations for families having 5-6 members.  Another of the greatest toasters, it also comes in a 36L volume version that is better for a larger household. The only preheats feature on this OTG oven is its major selling feature, as it reduces the amount of time for the microwave to get warm. Aside from roasting and grilling, this OTG oven is also excellent for baking as well. The constructed quality of this product is excellent, and the brand has made no compromises with the product’s quality. It also has several functions, such as one-touch preheat, automatic shut off, and all other necessary features.

Morphy Richards 60 RCSS OTG, 60 Litres

The stainless steel frame of this OTG oven features a very traditional smooth appearance. The layout has a lot of room for development. Unlike many other OTGs, the design of this one will definitely contribute to the aesthetics of your kitchen. However, when examined the performance more closely, it was observed to be extraordinary. This has 60-liter storage. In terms of practicality, it can make one big and two mini pizzas. This OTG oven also offers several features, including three different heating operations: It is made up of three components: the top component, the bottom component, and the upper and bottom heaters. Heating operates effectively: This function ensures consistent cooking, particularly when grilling and baking. It helps in distributing the heat evenly. One must also be grateful for giving the convection option as it reduces the need for oil while preparing meals, which is beneficial for health.


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