Picking The Best Tires For Your Power Sport Vehicle

Buying tires for your powersport vehicle isn’t rocket science. But you do need to shop smart to select tires that best meet your needs. And you have so many types to choose from: mud, sand, rocky terrain, all-terrain models and more. This brief guide offers some useful tips for shopping motorcycle tires for sale. You’ll get the skinny on tire styles, fit and other important factors to consider.

What You Should Consider Before Buying an All Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires sound like a useful investment. After all, the term “all-terrain” implies that these wheels can take you anywhere. Whether they’re an optimal choice for your bike depends on your riding habits. With that said, you should ask yourself some key questions while tire shopping:

  • What types of terrain do I ride on most?
  • How often do I plan to ride my bike?
  • Will I ride in snowy or icy conditions?

Mud, sand, rock and all-terrain tires differ in their construction. These differences are responsible for delivering terrain-appropriate performance, handling and durability. Hard terrain calls for tires with wider tread and puncture-resistant material. Mud tires often feature large lugs and self-cleaning tread for better bite. Tires made for sand dunes sport tall vertical paddles in their tread.

But what about all-terrain tires? They’re designed to deliver solid performance on multiple terrain types. Some blend features from other tire types to create a balanced design – puncture-resistant tires with tall knobs for both hard and soft ground, for example. Looking at each model’s specific features can help you determine if it’s right for your vehicle.

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Best All Terrain Motorcycle Tires

Among all-terrain tires, there are many standout performers. It’s impossible to list them all here, but a few examples can help as you’re shopping. Here are a few top-rated models to consider:

  • Kenda K587 Bear Claw – features an 8-ply radial casing structure, tall knobs spaced apart and a center knob design for less vibration
  • ITP TerraCross XD – extra-duty 6-ply tires with an interlocking tread pattern, wide footprint and a super-tough rubber compound
  • ITP Mud Lite Series – lightweight 6-ply tires with a unique center tread design and self-cleaning tread
  • Maxxis M918 Bighorn – a 6-ply tire with specially designed tread and a wide footprint
  • ITP Holeshot – features a sturdy 6-ply construction, durable sidewalls and superb puncture resistance

Whatever tire you choose, getting the right size is also key. Most are sized by the overall height, width and rim diameter – 26x10x12 ATV tires, for instance. You’ll find your wheel’s correct size stamped into the rim.

More Quick Shopping Tips

When your tires are near their useful lifespan, swapping them is important for continued performance. But you may also need to replace your UTV wheels. Depending on your riding patterns and terrain, they can last around four to five years. You should change them sooner if they’re worn, cracked, broken or dented. Keep in mind that where you shop is just as important as what you buy. Whatever tires and wheels you desire, be sure to choose a reputable powersports supplier.Read more about f95zone


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