7 Creative Ways to Grow on Social Media

Social media is a great way to grow your brand and engage with customers. It’s also a place where you can feel the most lost. How do I get followers? What should I post about? What if my posts aren’t good enough? If these thoughts sound familiar, don’t worry! That means you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we will explore 7 creative ways that you can use social media to grow your business and improve customer engagement:

1. Find your niche

It’s important to find your niche when you’re on social media. What do people want to see from the brand? what does stromectol cost It might be helpful to ask customers what they are interested in seeing or reach out to other brands with similar audiences.

Once you know your target audience, it will be much easier for you to create content and figure out how to keep your audience engaged. melhor hora para tomar ivermectina

Don’t be afraid to try new things on social media, but never forget what brought you here in the first place! It should always feel like it is part of your brand voice and personality.

This step might take some time, so don’t worry if you are still working through this process.

To help you get started, ask yourself questions like:

What do I want to convey about my brand? (Make sure it is something that will resonate with your audience!) What do customers expect from the brand? How can we stay true to our company’s goals and values while engaging an audience on social media platforms?

For example, if you are in the fitness industry, don’t be afraid to build your social media around that topic. Post about healthy eating tips, workout routines, or motivational quotes – whatever your audience is interested in.

Don’t forget: when you’re writing posts, you should always be trying to engage with your audience. Ask them questions, talk about their lives and let them get involved in the conversation!

2. Create a list of accounts to follow and engage with on social media

Spend some time researching who your customers are following on social media.

You can find this information by doing a simple Google search or checking out the “followers” tab on another brand’s Facebook page.

If you see brands with similar audiences to yours, follow them so they will likely start following you back!

Then, engage with their posts by liking or commenting on them.

This will help you establish a relationship with the brand and get your name out there!

Don’t be afraid to have some fun while sharing other brands’ content, too – it might not always have to relate to yours directly! Just make sure that whatever you post is on-brand.

You can also follow local accounts or influencers to increase your reach and spread awareness about your business!

3. Post consistently, at least once per day

It’s important to post consistently on social media.

You can even schedule posts in advance using apps like Ayrshare, Hootsuite, or Buffer. coronavirus ivermectin treatment

This will allow you to spend more time on what matters – your customers, instead of worrying about updating your brand’s Twitter page every day.

If this seems overwhelming for you or your brand, start by posting once per day.

If that seems to be a lot of work for you, try every other day or three times per week instead.

The important thing is not how often you post on social media but rather what content you are putting out there and how your customers feel about it. In the long run, posting consistently with unique content will help you grow your audience.

Once you find one that works for you and makes it easy to post on social media, stick with it.

4. Engage with other users in the comments section of your posts 

Social media is all about connecting with other people. So, why not get to know your customers better?

In the comments section of posts on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, ask questions to spark a conversation between you and your followers. This could be anything from “What’s your favorite color?” to “What’s your favorite healthy snack?”

5. Use hashtags for more exposure and engagement  on social media

Hashtags are another way to get your posts in front of more people and gain exposure. They’re great for getting you noticed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

They also make it easier for other users to follow the conversation to find what you share. So try using hashtags when they fit with the post that you’ve written.

Just don’t go overboard with hashtags! Use them sparingly, and only when they fit what your brand shares on social media – not just to be trendy.

Beware of Banned Hashtags

If you are looking to start using hashtags on your social media posts, it’s essential that you know which ones aren’t allowed.

This can vary depending on the platform and what type of hashtag is being used. For example, Facebook only allows certain kinds of hashtags that contribute to meaningful discussions.

On the other hand, Twitter and Instagram will allow almost any hashtag that you choose to use, but it’s still very important to know what hashtags are banned.

Banned hashtags on Twitter and Instagram include:

  • Pornographic content (#pornography, #adult, etc.)
  • Illegal activities (i.e., selling drugs)
  • Threats or violence against people or animals (#kill, #murder, etc.)

Using a banned hashtag can lead to account suspension or deletion on social media.

Another option if you don’t know where or how to start is to use API  bots to generate hashtags that fit your brand. This will give you more time to work on other tasks while still growing your social media presence.

When it comes to using social media API bots and knowing what hashtags are banned, we recommend checking out Ayrshare:  https://www.ayrshare.com/avoid-using-these-instagram-banned-hashtags-in-2021/

6. Share content from other users that you enjoy using the share button under their post or by liking, commenting, or sharing it yourself on Facebook/Twitter, etc.

When scrolling through your feed, it’s important to share content that you think is relevant or interesting.

But there are also other ways to get involved in the conversation outside of just liking a post on social media. For example:

  • Use Facebook’s “share” button under posts from influencers and brands within your niche
  • Tweet or share on Facebook using your own hashtags if something is relevant to users in the same audience as you are.
  • Commenting, liking and sharing posts can help build relationships with brands, making it easier for them to work together. Don’t forget about Snapchat, either. Taking screenshots of stories or content to share on other social media platforms is a great way to get your brand in front of another audience.

This isn’t always the easiest thing for new brands and businesses, but it will help you grow your follower count and increase engagement with relevant users.

7. Be authentic – don’t overthink what you are posting because authenticity is key! Just be yourself! #dontoverthinkit

Stay away from selling too hard on social media. For example, don’t just post a link to your website in all of your Instagram posts without giving any context as to why someone might want to click it.

If you aren’t sure what content is relevant or engaging for your audience, then ask them! Ask questions in the comments section and see what kinds of answers you get.

Ensure that your content is relevant to the users who are following you, and don’t forget about including calls to action when it makes sense for your brand or post!

Don’t go too heavy on selling, though – keep it organic so people can truly enjoy your posts! With great content, authenticity, and engagement, it’s easy to grow on social media!


Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed our article on creative ways of growing on social media! If this was helpful, make sure to share it with friends or family who are also trying to grow their brand online.


Washim is an Bangladeshi tech based web blogger. Right now he writes for techshim.com excellent content Android Apps, Games and much more.

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