Adhesives for Electric Vehicles

Don’t be bound by the accessories mechanically. Make sure your engineers know that our structural adhesive line has your back with the next generation of electrical machine.

Adhesive’s Advantages

The application of sticks in place of fixtures improves the life of the element by greater bonding resistance to the environment. Plastic and composite products, employing urethane and acrylic adhesives, are easy to use and contribute to a lightweight vehicle. For best RFID tape, consider our site.

Closure Panel Bonding

For customers looking for high dimensional stability in the closing panels via low temperature cures, our two acrylic-adhesives are a viable solution. Our adhesives can simplify manufacturing by cutting or lowering process stages by considerable cost savings due to reduced energy consumption and labour.

Composites and Plastics Bonding

Our adhesives are developed in a wide range of materials and substrates to bond metals, polymers and lightweight composites. Get unmatched metal bonding performance and e-coat and powder coating are compatible to our adhesives. We have the best weather strips for you.

Adhesives for Battery Box Assembly

These solutions enable flexible design and the ability to bind a range of mediums, regardless of whether you are looking for structural integrity or improved thermal connections. We provide a number of heat-conducting and non-thermal sticks. We provide different items. We offer different. Adhesives can be used to screen the lid on battery box lids and to attach the lid to the double purpose box. Adhesives are typically used to substitute conventional mechanical fasteners that add less weight and often contribute to a longer battery range.

Adhesives or Mechanical Fastening

In addition to its six cell and 12-volt thin-walled predecessor, the electric and hybrid batteries are equipped to start a gas powered car using a short power bolt before it is passed on and the internal combustion caused by a spark. EV vehicles use a long-term battery only, the stickers replace the gas drive battery sticks and bolts so that this moves as long as possible between charges. The battery required for the EV is totally different and the gas powertrain is not replaceable. To prolong the length of the elevator battery before charge is required, a number of serial cells are powered by thick walls and pack voltages vary from 100 volts to 400 volts in electric cars that are given with the widest feasible capacity for power storage. In order to guarantee that the battery is efficient as practical, but also as light as possible, several designs and materials are needed. In the past the glues and bolts on gas-powered automobiles were taken over because they were better equipped to install the new battery. They are more efficient.

Adhesive benefits rather than mechanical attachments

Our customers confront several challenges while selling aluminium. By using structural adhesives, the need for mechanical fixtures and post-soft reprocessing is avoided. See this video for additional information on battery box assembly stickers.


Our customers have the opportunity to contact with the right people in order to answer queries and issues. Comprehensive knowledge of your projects enables our application engineers expedite on-site material demands, testing, production and resolution.


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