Digital Signage Application in Restaurants: 8 Creative Marketing Ideas

With the second and third wave of the pandemic, 2021 prompted almost every business to rethink their communication and customer interaction strategies without compromising on safety. Like every other industry, restaurants have also been hit hard by the safety restrictions triggered in the wake of COVID19 pandemic. Still, not all’s lost as digital signage technology kept things moving in an optimistic manner for restaurants as we know it.

State of the Restaurant Industry

The coming of COVID19 back in December 2019 had its full devastating impact worldwide in 2020 with businesses and industries of all genres suffering a massive slump. Restaurants and likewise food services were brought on a brink of complete catastrophe as a research from Forbes revealed one-in-four restaurants were at risk of permanent closure. Then, another survey from the National Restaurant Association concluded that the industry has already suffered a loss of approximately $120-billion and is increasing each day. acrylic signage

Now that we’re halfway into 2021 with the second and third wave of the virus hitting different parts of the world, most of the restaurants completely went online, offering delivery services to survive. It’s still unclear as to how the situation would be throughout the rest of the year. With social distancing becoming the new normal and the way we interact with customers is being changed completely, the restaurant industry is surely put to the ultimate test to compete at its fullest and stay afloat.

Digital Signage Comes to Aid

Technology has taken a huge leap, especially during the pandemic allowing key market players and businesses; including restaurants, to go flawless. Digital signage is among the best one for restaurants whereas it has already been a game changer even before the crisis and now we need it more than ever.

Digital screen technology has given restaurants the flexibility, speed and a powerful visual communication/interaction means to safely get in touch with their customers. On top of all, there’re amazing digital signage companies in Dubai actively participating in streamlining communication amongst industries and customers. But how? Let’s explore further!

1. Easy to Update

What a drag it is to be at the restaurant only to find out that the food you wish to order is unavailable at the moment or out-of-stock! On duty staff is likely to apologise and face queries like why it’s on the menu when unavailable!

To save restaurants the trouble of getting into such an awkward situation, which further elevates loss of sales during the crisis, installing digital signage screens for menu boards is the best solution as the digital menu can be updated in mere seconds (if managed appropriately at the backend).

When the customer would walk-in or even place the order from anywhere using a signage screen for doorstep delivery, the menu will be updated to the available stock while also managing current marketing and promotional campaigns.

2. Display Daily Specials & Deals

Auto scheduling or updating of the restaurant signage boards is another huge benefit allowing key restaurant managers and operators to interactively update the screens according to the active deal or special day discount offering.

Take for instance a festival or event allowing customers to avail lucrative discounts on the menu from the online system which would be far easier than those traditional chalkboards and flyers; both time-consuming and costly.

Restaurant management is likely to plan their menu a month in advance with special day offerings also pre-planned thereby allowing custom/manual or automated updating of the restaurant signage just at the right time.

3. Different Menu Displays for Attraction & Interaction

Cafes and restaurants usually have different meal plans for the day, for instance each different for breakfast, brunch, lunch, high-tea and dinner and so on. Digital signage in the restaurants can thus be updated as per the time of the day as well as meals available at that particular moment with a digital clock or timer to prompt customers about expiration of the meal plan and what’s coming up next in the menu. tomar ivermectina engorda It saves a lot of time, cost and effort whereas interactive graphics and animations can further boost customer interaction as well as sales. does ivermectin work

4. Attract the Walking Crowd & Bystanders

While many restaurants are welcoming customers by a limited number as a safety precaution to the coronavirus, attracting bystanders and walking crowds has become a huge challenge. Instead of those banners, flyers and witty taglines on the chalkboards, apply the same creative practice on digital screens using graphics and animations that melts even the stubborn most customers to come and experience your restaurant’s services. In fact, you can even run your brand’s TV commercial or story of how you came into the business. Make the content eye-catching with fun animation and full audio.

5. Make it All HD

Now that you’ve successfully managed to pull in the crowd for your restaurant, keep them engaged and entertained for the love of food. Your indoor restaurant signage screens here need to play full HD videos of the food you serve, back of the kitchen scenes, chef’s stories and serving specialty to simply stir up the appetite. If you aren’t going for the videos, opt for full HD images and close-up shots of the food that’s sure to prompt customers in trying more of your specialty products.

6. Display Reviews & Live Customer Feeds

Displaying food and restaurant speciality is just one of the many things you can do with a restaurant digital signage. Make it a customised social media wall by displaying live customer feedback and reviews for a more immersive and real-time engagement while you’re serving your meal. Also display online reviews and ratings, collected from various social media channels which is sure to make the customers try items recommended by others.

7. Display Nutritional Information

Whether you serve vegetarians, pure meat lovers, sweets and desserts or a mix of all, customers these days are extremely health conscious and do their research on every single item being used in the recipe. Your restaurant can take advantage of this trend and display nutritional facts and food insights that can be related to the items you serve in the menu as well as other foods just to create awareness and keep the customers engaged in your restaurant.

8. Self-Service Kiosks

To contain the spread of COVID19, social distancing is one of the basic precautions practiced by almost every business. For restaurants, it means fewer direct interaction and this is when self-service kiosks come into play by deploying a touch interface screen for customers to place their orders and have them delivered at the table whereas a smart mobile app can also be hooked with the signage screen to place home delivery orders. This self-service kiosk can also serve as a queue management system in the restaurants, allowing smooth order placement and serving without you waiting in a longer queue for your turn. ivermectin heart worm dosage

Looking at all the details above, it’s obvious that digital signage for the restaurants have all it takes to make your business shine in the limelight, experience the best of sales without compromising on health and safety.


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