Drawbacks/Disadvantages of Music

While music can be a source of entertainment, emotion inducer and a soul enhancer, there are also certain drawbacks associated with it. Like most things around, it’s not possible for music to have all good qualities and impacts.

It might look appealing and glamorous to work with or in the music industry when you look at it from afar. Seeing successful music artists like Usher, Future, Rihanna etc with huge wealth and net worth might have you fantasizing about acquiring the similar privileges and status yourself.

Future has established a whooping 40$ million Future net worth in not a very long period of time but it might not be as painless as it looks to achieve this. Music has certain disadvantages and nuisances attached to it as well. These disadvantages can be both on a personal level and a broader societal level.

Following are a few prominent drawbacks associated with music at large. ivermectin injection for animals

Noise Pollution

The noise produced through loud music can be an inconvenience to other people around. Playing loud, noisy music in your home may prove to be a nuisance to your neighbours or even family. ivermectin 200 μg/kg Playing it in your car or another public place may as well be uncomfortable to people passing or working around the area.

Sometimes blasting loud music at night time may be considered more inappropriate as compared to playing it during day time. Since people may be resting, relaxing or enjoying quiet family or alone time, it would be nice to be mindful of their comfort needs. If you still want to listen to loud music over the night, you might want to use headphones which brings us to our next point.

Hearing Damage

Listening to loud volumes of music for hot vs cold longer durations of time or playing high volume instruments without putting on some kind of ear protection first can lead to either damage or a loss of hearing. Researches have shown that full volume in music players can sometimes be as loud as a heavy rock concert or sometimes even louder. ivermectin + albendazole Therefore, music should be enjoyed within a moderate volume range and ear protection should be used before operating high volume instruments.

Music Industry Is Hard

Working within the music industry or being a music artist and rockstar might appear glamorous and desirable from afar, but it has its shortcomings too. Reaching the status of a successful rockstar is not a straight or rosy path. While hard work certainly plays a part, a huge chunk of making it in the music industry has to do with luck.

Future adopted a work driven approach to produce multiple mixtapes and tracks in a short period yet it wasn’t until one of his pieces made him catch a lucky break that he set out on a path to accumulate an impressive 40$ million of Future net worth.

Apart from that, the stress and inconveniences of fame are also an integral part of the music industry.

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Music Can Be Distracting

Sometimes people opt for listening to music while studying or working because silence or their own intruding thoughts can be uncomfortable for them. But music can distract you from the task at hand. If you do listen, choose classical and instrumental soothing tunes instead of fast and catchy ones.


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