How the Twilight Movies Differ From the Twilight Novels

The Twilight novels by Stephanie Meyer and the movies based upon these books feature the love between Bella the human and Edward the vampire in a story that has garnered millions of fans across the globe. The movies are strongly based on the books; however, certain changes to the story, characters and scenes were made to accomodate the transition from the written word to moving pictures. Watch the movie at for free.

Twilight: Comparison Between Movie and Book

The first movie in the series is arguably the most faithful to the novel, Twilight was the shortest novel, which made it easier to adapt. Stephanie Meyer was consulted throughout filming as the producers wanted to make a film as close to the literature as possible.

Despite this, several scenes from each medium do not occur in the other. For example, the movie provides some back story to Laurent, James and Victoria where they kill a man called Waylon Forge at a dock. This event never occurs in the novels and was added to the movie as a way of introducing the villains of the movie early on. Additionally, Victoria is not seen in the books after the baseball scene; the movie, however, shows her at the prom night.

There are other important differences, such as the fact that the character Lauren Mallory from the novels is completely absent from the movies. Jacob is also significantly shorter in the movie than he is in the novels. There are dialogue changes too, in both obvious and subtle ways. كيف تربح بالروليت Importantly in the novels, Edward mentions that twilight is the safest time for vampires; surprisingly this dialogue is omitted from the movie. Additionally in the novels, Bella and Edward say “I love you” a number of times; the movie however, omits these lines.

New Moon: Comparison Between Movie and Book

New Moon is the second movie in the series and had a new director and a far bigger budget. The second novel, however, was larger than Twilight,which required even greater changes to be made to accommodate the transition from print to screen.

There are a number of scenes in this movie that do not occur in the novel, or are substantially modified to provide action and suspense or to condense time. The Harley ride from the movie does not occur in the novels at all, with Bella being warned off before she even gets on the bike. The fight scene at the end of the movie between Edward and Felix also does not occur in the novel, this scene being added to provide some action as the film drew close to ending.

The back story to Edward’s change to a vampire is also changed, with Carlisle changing him on his hospital bed in the movie rather than taking him to his home as in the novel. The eyes of the characters are the wrong colour in a number of scenes; for example, when Edward faces the Volturi, his eyes are golden, implying he has fed recently, but in the novel, they are black to show that he has been so depressed he hasn’t been eating

Eclipse: Comparison Between Movie and Book

The third film in the novel and movie series is Eclipse. Once again, a new director has taken the helm and the book is longer than the previous two. Eclipse differs from the previous two novels and movies in that it has more action and is darker in tone.

There are again a number of changes between the novel and the movie. البينجو Specifically, there are a number of changes which can skew how a character’s personality is viewed. For example, Charlie praises Jacob for kissing Bella in the novels, but this does not occur in the movies at all. لعب قمار اون لاين Another important example is when Jacob confronts Edward at Bella’s school; in the movie, Bella leaves on Jacob’s motorbike, but in the novel, Jacob does not see Bella and leaves the school alone. The movie scene shows Bella as being far more inconsiderate of Edward’s feelings than the novel does.

Riley, an important character in the movie, features far less in the novel and his disappearance is not investigated or even mentioned. Another important change was in the novel Carlisle requests the assistance of the Denali Clan in Alaska, a vampire nest similar to the Cullens’, his request is denied; in the movie, the Denalis are not even mentioned.

How These Changes Affect the Overall Story

The Twilight Saga, whether on print or film, is a story of the love triangle between a human girl, a werewolf and a vampire, the problems this causes and how these problems are resolved. The movies do change events and dialogue from the novels; however, this is a necessary evil when transferring the written word to moving pictures and the changes are nowhere near as large as those between True Blood, the TV show, and the novels it’s based upon.

The overall theme of Twilight remains intact; the details are just modified a little to accommodate each medium. Regardless, both the novels and the films are thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining and complement each other rather than cause confusion.

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