Find Youtube Influencers and Analyze Their Stats with Heepsy

If you want to find Youtube influencers for marketing campaigns or collaborations and analyze their profile stats, Heepsy may be the software you’re looking for.

Heepsy is a subscription-based influencer marketing platform that lets you find both Youtube and Instagram influencers and analyze their profiles. Let’s take a look at how it works, as well as run through some tips to help you evaluate Youtubers when planning your collaborations. does ivermectin prevent heartworms in dogs

How to find Youtube influencers with Heepsy

Heepsy allows you to search for Youtube influencers with various filters or by keywords. For example, if you wanted to find influencers whose profiles mention “tech reviews”, you could search directly for that keyword. will extra ivermectin in horses hut

As for filters, you can cut down your Youtuber search according to:

  • Location – the country listed on the Youtube profile
  • Subscribers – the number of subscribers a channel has
  • Views – the total views or average views per video
  • Videos – the total videos, videos per week, or latest video
  • Channel – the channel creation date
  • Contact – accounts with emails, verified accounts, and accounts that have a presence on another social network

A look at Heepsy’s Youtube search with the Views filter dropped down.

So if you wanted to find gaming Youtubers from the United States who have more than 50K subscribers and whose channel was created at least a year ago, you can plug that into Heepsy to see only the results that match that search query.

Analyzing Youtube influencers with Heepsy

Once you complete your search, you’ll see results in the forms of influencer profiles. Clicking on those profiles will show you analytics about each. You’ll see:

  • The name, biography, a link to their channel
  • The main stats (videos, subscribers, total views)
  • The Youtuber’s contact details and presence on other networks
  • A visual preview of the last 12 videos on their Youtube channel
  • Video metrics (average views per video, videos per week, latest video, most viewed recent video, latest videos)

If you like an influencer and want to potentially reach out, you can save the influencer to a customizable List. Click the folder icon at the top of their profile to add them to the List of your choosing (or create a new List at the moment). what is the dose of ivermectin 12

Then, in the Lists panel, you can easily compare and contrast the influencers you’ve added to your List. You can also add statuses, comments and ratings to keep track of any information related to these influencers.

Finally, if you have the Heepsy Gold Plan, you can export Lists as XML or CSV files. This is especially useful for large campaigns, which often require automated outreach. Download your spreadsheet, connect it with your email automation program, and you’re good to go.

Tips for collaborating with Youtube influencers

Now that we’ve walked through how to use the influencer marketing platform, let’s talk about three general tips for your campaigns with Youtube influencers.

Don’t rely solely on subscriber count when choosing Youtube influencers

First, remember that subscriber count isn’t everything. Some subscribers may be old, and those users may not actively watch the influencer’s videos. Or, some subscribers may simply miss content here and there.

For a more accurate understanding of the popularity of a Youtuber’s content, look at the average views per video. This gives you an idea of how many people actually watch the influencer’s videos, whether they’re subscribers or not.

Give Youtubers creative freedom when creating content

If your brand has specific guidelines you want influencers to follow, lay them out. Maybe you want them to emphasize certain aspects of your product, or you’d like them to test out a certain feature.

However, don’t micromanage the content creation process. Youtube influencers best know their subscribers and viewers, and how to communicate with them. So give them the creative freedom to do that! If your brand gets too involved in the creative process, you risk the video coming across as inauthentic, which could easily turn some viewers off.

Follow influencer disclosure guidelines

Various countries, like the US or UK for example, monitor how influencers and brands disclose their partnerships on social media. Other platforms like Instagram may have more visible ways to denote collaborations, but Youtube can be a bit more tricky.

Review any guidelines that apply to your collaboration, and go through this when negotiating the deal with the influencer. They may have to add text to their video’s title or description, or say in the video itself that they received free gifts or other incentives from your brand.


If you want to find influencers for your Youtube campaigns, Heepsy allows you to tailor your search and analyze the profiles that appear in the results. Like with any campaign, make sure to thoroughly define your objective before setting out to find influencers, and keep these helpful tips in mind for working with them.


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