The Ultimate Guide to Spelling Bee Words: How to Prepare for the Big Day

A spelling bee can be a nerve-wracking experience, even for adults. If you’re dreading your following spelling bee words for adults or know someone about to take one, this article has everything you need to succeed and enjoy the process. You will learn about the different types of spelling bees, how to practice effectively and why it’s beneficial to participate in one. We’ll also share tips on improving your spelling skills so that you can do well on stage. Ready? Let’s get started!

How to Prepare for a Spelling Bee

Get to know the competition. 

Start by learning about the other contestants in your event by reviewing their profiles online. This will also help you prepare for the event since you will better understand what to expect.

Learn the common spelling errors. 

In many cases, the words that contestants misspell are similar to the correct spelling. For example, many contestants misspell the word “gauge” as “gague.” When this happens, you should consider asking for a repeated word to give yourself more time to think.

Start a spelling list. 

By participating in a spelling bee, you can begin to build your list of words to study now. You can collect words to study from your teacher or school-wide list, websites like Wordnik, or by looking at past spelling bee winners.

6 Strategies for Success in a Spelling Bee

Use a study system. Having a system or process in place will help you to study effectively. You can create a schedule to help you stay organized or use flashcards or a list of words to study.

Know your competition. As mentioned above, you should know the words your competition is likely to misspell. This will make it easier for you to get the word right in a competition.

Use mnemonic devices. If you are having trouble remembering spelling words, you can use mnemonic devices to help you out. Mnemonic devices are memory tricks that make remembering things like spelling words easier. 

Practice the words you are not sure about. If you encounter a word you are unsure about during your studying, write it down and review it frequently. Although you should learn the words that are easy for you, you also need to practice words that are challenging. 

Stay calm during the competition. During the event, you will likely be nervous. However, you can take steps to calm down and focus on the competition. 

Make a fool of yourself. You might feel like you want to make a good impression while on stage. However, you are not there to make a fool of yourself or to impress others. You are there to do your best and make the best out of the situation.

Key Words to Know for a Vocabulary Test

Word families – Word families are related words that share common roots. Knowing a word’s family can help you guess its meaning more easily.

Synonyms and antonyms – Words with similar meanings are called synonyms, and words with opposite meanings are called antonyms. Knowing these can help you select the correct word when multiple choices are given. 

Context clues refer to information about the word’s usage in the sentence. Knowing the word’s meaning in its given sentence can help you select the correct word.

Rhyme scheme – Rhyme scheme refers to the pattern in which a poem’s verses rhyme. Knowing a poem’s rhyme scheme can help you select the correct word, especially when multiple choices are given.

Parts of speech – Parts of speech are categories that describe the different functions of words in a sentence. Knowing the process of a word in a sentence can help you select the correct word.

The Benefits of Participating in a Spelling Bee

Improved vocabulary – The first and most apparent benefit of spelling competitions is that they allow you to expand your vocabulary.

Better spelling skills – A spelling bee will help you to build your spelling skills.

Self-confidence – When you succeed in a spelling bee, you will feel more confident in your abilities. 

Social skills – You will develop social skills when interacting with other contestants.

Practice for future competitions – A spelling bee can help you prepare for future competitions, and you might even win a prize.


A spelling shed is an online platform where you can learn more about spelling bee words for kids and adults. In this article, I just cover the ultimate guide about spelling words, their benefits, and how to work. Feel free to contact us if you need any information related to this. 

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