Sarees will never go out of fashion. It has always been a blended epitome of trend and tradition. Banarasi saree is considered as one of the most prominent and celebrated types of saree. The legacy it holds is priceless.

Traditional Banarasi saree are handwoven by finest weavers and every form of its pattern is created with utmost care. Owning a Banarasi saree is considered an asset, and those who flaunt it can proudly say that they are wearing one of the finest pieces of clothing available.

Nowadays, some of the sellers trick people and sell sarees which are not authentic Banarasi saree. Identifying the real one is important when you decide to buy a Banarasi saree as it is something you can carry on as an inheritance. Therefore it’s important to learn the tricks to identify an original Banarasi saree.

There are multiple ways to recognise the originality of a Banarasi saree in which the crafting technique used is prominent. If you are buying the saree directly from the shop you can identify from the way it feels when you touch it. Authentic Banarasi can be recognized from the texture itself. It feels so soft and satiny when you touch an original Banarasi saree.

You can also find out the originality by observing the back side of the saree. Glides and lines of yarns will be present if it is  an original Banarasi saree. On the other hand the back side of the copy version of Banarasi saree will have a fine varnish.

  • The layers of the saree

Original Banarasi silk saree definitely possess multiple layers in the saree with enchanting detailing. Generally the layers of a Banarasi saree will be of 6 to 8 inches. From the raw materials to crafting, artisans take all the skills they got  to design a Banarasi saree. Therefore the flow and defining of the saree itself shows its authenticity and makes it stand out from the duplicate one.

  • Figures and styles

An authentic Banarasi silk saree is completely varied from the different types of sarees present in the market. One of the prominent factors that differentiates it is the figures present in the saree.

Commonly the design of genuine banarasi saree is inspired by the Indian monarchal model. The layout of the saree is the epitome of true ancient ornamentation. In the case of the copy version of the saree, the styles present on the saree will be something different and not the one which in itself carries history in it.

  • Raw materials and price

Refined Banarasi sarees are weaved from premium unblended fiber and zari yarns extracted from the compounds of precious substances such as gold and silver. The procedure of crafting a single Banarasi saree can go on for a long time, say months. Therefore when someone sells you a saree for a low price and claims it to be Banarasi, there is a huge probability that it is an imitation.

Within every yarn of a Banarasi saree, there exists the tale of history and culture. Having a Banarasi saree in the wardrobe is something special and magnificent. Hence, buying one should take a lot of research. If you want to own a legacy filled luxurious piece of clothing, you have to keep in mind the factors to recognize the authentic one.


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