Importance of energy design for a house

Energy design is a (fundamental) aspect of modern integrated design. In fact, it is no longer possible to think of building a new building or even carrying out a serious renovation without taking into account all the aspects that make that house:

– as low-consumption as possible

– comfortable

In fact, if you read this blog, you will have understood that with the expression “energy design” I mean the set of activities that are the basis of the construction of a building that has very low consumption, or if you prefer, highly energy-efficient, with high-quality standards regarding living comfort.

In this article, it is not my intention to give a lecture for insiders. So, if you are already a specialized professional, avoid reading what you will find below.

The purpose of this post is to give awareness to clients, to those who buy a house to renovate, to those who want to build a house according to their specific needs, of what fundamental characteristics a house must have, according to a modern conception, in compliance with new regulations but also to face a real investment that does not lose value in the future.

This awareness can only exist if we understand what lies behind the integrated design, and in particular behind the design of aspects relating to consumption and energy efficiency. You can also check Power to Choose Texas for some guidelines.

Energy planning starts from a study of the environment and the bioclimate

Study of climatic conditions, use of projections, projections, fixed and/or mobile blinds, color differences on the facades, positioning based on the orientation of the openings (windows, other types of glazing, etc.), materials used, and many other things can have an impact to such an extent as to minimize the contribution of heating or cooling systems.

If particular environmental conditions arise, for example, only through the study and design of the shape of the house, or through some precautions, it is possible to obtain what is called passive cooling of the building. ivermectin 6mg price in kenya

The choice of the type of structure must immediately respond to the need to exploit the inertial contribution of the mass for thermal purposes if excellent results are to be obtained in the summer period.

The materials used must possibly be chosen to take into account the history of that territory, the context, the cost-effectiveness of transport, and the environmental impact. In many cases, wood can be the right answer in the case of new construction, rather than an extension or demolition with faithful reconstruction. But not always.

And above all, we have to deal with the available budget. There are also mixed solutions, more refined, or simply more affordable for the client’s pocket.

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As you can see, there is never a single solution for all houses.

The roof (the roof) is always a fundamental element of the design, whether it is a pitched roof, possibly ventilated, or a flat roof. Depending on the needs and budget, I can install photovoltaic panels rather than a roof garden. contraindicaciones de la ivermectina gotas Or maybe both.

Of course, the benefits are even greater, but I don’t have to improvise anything afterward. who makes the drug ivermectin


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