Masonry wall for building a house

If we’re going to build a house รับสร้างบ้านสระบุรี The most common element of the house and the construction area is the wall of the house. Today we will come to know one type of wall in the house, that is, a brick and mortar wall. which is a wall pattern that we have seen for a long time because material like brick It is a cheap and readily available material as well as a strong material. and resistant to various weather conditions Therefore, it is not surprising that the artisans use bricks to construct the walls of the house.

In the old days, the bricks used in the construction of the walls were commonly used “mon bricks” or red bricks in the construction of the walls. For the reasons mentioned above that mon brick or red brick is a cheap, easy to find and strong material, but mon brick or red brick also has disadvantages in terms of weight more than other types of walls. including bricks It also has the properties of heat. This may result in high temperatures in the home and a material that does not absorb sound. Therefore, it cannot prevent noise from outside the house.

For this reason In addition to bricks Other types of bricks are also produced. To replace the disadvantages of bricks, whether they are block bricks, white bricks or bricks that are becoming popular lately. Everyone is well known for the lightweight bricks, which are bricks built to replace. Block bricks and bricks Due to its properties that are lighter than bricks and larger sizes

Each type of brick, whether it is mon brick, lightweight brick, or other bricks such as block bricks, white bricks, and interlocking bricks, all have advantages in different applications according to the strengths of that brick. as in the table below

In addition to the type of brick The style of masonry also affects the style of the house. by the nature of the masonry will have the following format:

– full masonry

– half brick masonry

– Double brick construction

Construction of a full brick wall is placing bricks along the wall. May be placed alternately or alternately every 2 bricks to create a beautiful brick pattern. The size of the bricks is approximately 6.0 – 6.5 cm wide, 14 – 16 cm long and 2.5 – 3.0 cm thick, making the wall construction like this approximately 15 – 2- cm thick when combined with The thickness of the plaster on both sides

The full brick masonry method is a masonry style that must be considered.

-Structures that can support the weight of large bricks

– Takes a long time to build

-Use a lot of bricks, or about twice the amount of other methods.

But with the method of brick laying in full sheets makes the walls extra thick This makes it effective in preventing heat, humidity and external noise.

The construction of a half brick wall is a brick laying on the long side of the bricks along the length of the wall. This will cause the wall to have a thickness of about 10 cm, which is the thickness that is combined with the thickness of the plaster on both sides. With a thickness of 10 cm, the brick wall will be the normal thickness of the wall that we can see in general. or having the same thickness as the door general windows with a thickness of approximately 4 inches or 10 cm, making half a sheet of brickwork It is suitable for installation on any material whether wood, steel, PVC, vinyl or aluminum, making it an easy-to-use wall. Keep the neatness of the job easily enough.

The construction of a double brick wall is masonry in such a way that there are gaps between the rows. It usually produces a thickness equal to the cross-section of the column. to make the wall look like the same sheet no columns emerge Makes it easy to decorate and place furniture.

by the method of masonry in two layers It will help prevent heat and insulate the sound well. And there is also a gap in the middle where insulation and sound insulation can be installed to increase the efficiency of the wall. by the method of masonry in two layers It can be used with any type of brick, including mon brick, lightweight brick, white brick, and block brick, but double masonry is preferable to mon brick. with 2 rows of half-brick construction; Can choose from the thickness of the brick according to the size of the wall that the homeowner wants.

and in addition to the method of masonry, whether half brick masonry Full brick masonry or double brick masonry There are also other types of brickwork. which is a characteristic of brick masonry showing the texture of the brick The beauty will come from the pattern of laying bricks to look different, such as

Common brick wall construction or Header bond is the nature of brickwork that is mixed between half-panel brickwork. and full masonry alternately in every six rows By masonry in Common style, it is a masonry pattern for beauty and for stronger bonding.

English or Cross brick wall construction, which is similar to the common brick, but the difference is Switching more often in a row-by-row manner

Flemish brick wall construction is characterized by brickwork to function similarly to sun battens. The Flemish masonry is a style that architects often use. which is a one-stroke brick laying to create an opening

There is also a Flemish brick masonry, but is a Double Stretcher style, which is a brick laying that increases the spacing of the half bricks to have more spacing.


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