The Perfect Home Decor Lighting Ideas

Lights! It is a term that is welded into everyday life. People depend on natural light to sleep, wake up, and lead healthy life. When it comes to artificial light is an important feature in interior design and plays a critical role in enhancing the aesthetics of the room. From the simple table lamps to the chandeliers, many choices are functional and elevate the space. Read below to know some perfect lighting ideas for your house. Once you have an idea of what kind of lights work well, browse through Wakefit to pick from their many lighting solutions. 

Lighting Ideas for your Home

Add Warmth to the Living Room

When shortlisting the lighting ideas for your living room, you should prioritise the atmosphere of the space over other factors; if you want to add warmth to the space, use ambient lighting throughout the living room. Since it is a versatile space, you should have a mellow as well as exuberant light in it. Opt for a functional light through a combination of table lamps, floor lamps, and overhead lights. Include dimmers to increase or decrease the ambience as you wish. When choosing living room lamps, aim to spread the light. One way to achieve this is to have a chandelier or a ceiling light that rebounds light across the space. When choosing lights for the living room, make sure it fits in the daylight and is impactful at night. 

Statement Pendant for the Kitchen

Kitchen lighting ideas like the living room should have an impact visually in daylight and at night. So it should be all about functionality as well as practicality. So choose hanging pendant lights that are aesthetic along with being functional. Pick fixtures that are downward facing and are task lighting so that the counters are well-lit while you are in the middle of a cooking session. Also, choose under-cabinet lighting to highlight the space. The main ambient lighting is the pendant light that gives the ceiling good definition and depth as a Home decor lighting idea. 

Choose the Right Bedroom Lights

Lights for the bedroom should be carefully located as they can greatly impact your sleep. So ensure that it is placed in the position of the bed. Do not place any bedroom lights over the top of the bed, especially where the pillows are placed. That makes the light too harsh when on the bed. Bedside lamps and scones with dimmers give a quiet charm to the space. You can have a statement lighting fixture at the centre of the room ceiling to provide a focal point for the design. Include for task lighting. 

Add Pizzazz with Head-turning Lights in the Dining Room

A head turner need not be a harsh eye-burner. Your dining room is a place for warm conversations and intimate meals. So opt for an off-duty and relaxed vibe. Just like how you can have living room light fixtures dimmers, choose the same for the dining space, too, so that it can turn up or down intensity in a matter of few seconds. Opt for a pendant light or a chandelier over the dining table as a statement piece. Floor lamps can act as mood lighting. 

Enhance the Bedroom

Dial up the bathroom’s interiors with a bathroom chandelier in your wash space. The right pendant can boost your interior design and instantly elevate the space. Choose suitable ceiling lights for areas like the shower. These days lights are rated as per the bathroom areas, so choose accordingly. 

Light up the Foyer

The foyer creates the first impression on your visitor. So it is essential to have a welcoming and warm light. Some ambient lighting options include wall scones, pendants, and chandeliers. These can create a soft and inviting look to the foyer. If there are any focal points to highlight, add focus lights for accent lighting, as that is a great choice that puts a spotlight. 

Choose Wall Lights 

There is great potential in the wall lights. Use wall scones of symmetrical pairs on statement pieces so that they can highlight the features of the space. It can be used in pairs or as a single fitting and become part of the space, making it inviting. They are a great choice for smaller spaces and also avoid the need to give up floor space to the lamp. 

Think of Materials when Thinking of Lighting

Materials play an important part when choosing the lights for the living room. Bona china is a great choice of materials as it offers a translucent glow and a soft finish. This light is ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere and instantly makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. 

House lighting is one of the most important elements in decor and interior design. Homeowners have become more particular about having the best lighting in every corner of the house. There are many options when it comes to home lighting design; implement the above ideas for creating perfect decor.

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