Things Indian girls consider before getting married

In the twenties, almost every Indian girl is surrounded with numerous questions about “marriage”. When you are going to get married? If you get married late, it becomes later for magazines2day. Should I suggest you some good options? Do you have anyone in your life? They give stupid reasons to get married. Why this society never thought that marriage is not just a stage, it is a responsibility and it is like starting a new life, these decisions could be taken easily. It is better to be single rather than taking the wrong decision and end up living in hell. Many women still do not have any choice but to give in to the marriage pressure.

Things every girl must think before getting married 

  • The correct age of getting married: there is no age limit to doing anything in life, so why marriage. Age is just a number if a person has the right to get their degree at any stage of their life so why marriage should be done at a certain age. Society needs to leave this thought and never force any girl or even a boy to get married. All the matrimonial services must be open to anyone despite their age.
  • Is a girl is overqualified: in the era of equality every individual have a right to study and get qualified, so how you could compare the degrees of bride and groom. A groom could be overqualified or a bride could be how it even matters. Girls do not have a thought in their lifestylemission.
  • When you are entering motherhood: motherhood is a special phase so you are the only one how could choose to become one or not. You and your partner must finalize when you want to have a baby, not the society does. Women have a choice of not to become a mother, do not force themselves girls if your want to go for adoption go densipaper.
  • Family and society pressure over a girl: marriage must be a decision of your know since it’s a life-changing decision. To all those people who are driving you crazy and wanting you to get married and settle down, do tell them you want to fly high.
  • Be on yourself: independence is important and if it is the case of a girl it is more important so that no one could ever tell you what to do and what not to do. A girl must be capable enough to make her own decisions and stand by them.
  • Earn your self-respect: a girl always has to earn her self-respect, many matrimonial services in Delhi have immense options available for you, So never compromise by thinking there are fewer choices. Society always wants a girl to compromise and a boy to rule this nation but this should not be true.
  • Be ambitious at every stage of life: whether you are a wife, daughter or mother never gave up and be motivated and ambitious about your career or anything that gives you strength.


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