Top 6 Сryptocurrency Сonverters

While skeptics talk about the unreliability of digital money, the demand for cryptocurrencies is growing. Crypto adoption is in the midst, and today, there are more than 22,000 venues that accept digital payments worldwide. As a result of the rapid spread of cryptocurrency, the need for convenient and quick exchange of this money also grows. There are several ways to exchange your digital assets, and online crypto converters and exchanges are the most convenient and reliable of all.

How do online converters work?

All of these services work online, that is, you do everything directly from your computer or smartphone. A crypto converter is an intermediary company that helps people make transactions with coins and guarantees the security of these transactions. It is the easiest and most efficient way to exchange your crypto. You can use your regular credit card for the initial purchase of cryptocurrency. 

The best crypto exchanges

Unfortunately, not all converters offer quality services. To make it easier for you, we have created a short review of the best places to exchange crypto assets.


This service was launched in 2018 in Estonia. It allows you to anonymously exchange over 40 crypto coins. The platform is integrated with such crypto wallets as Trezor and Exodus, which makes it possible to exchange funds directly in the wallet. Furthermore, it works directly with Huobi and Binance, ensuring the best rates. Purchase and sale of crypto assets are anonymous for the sums of up to €300.

Main features:

  • Over 40 crypto coins are available for exchange;
  • No registration required;
  • A low fee of only 0.5%;
  • No restrictions on the minimum amount.

This crypto exchange exists since 2017. It allows anonymous crypto conversions of 200+ coins. No personal data are needed to be left on the platform. You can use a built-in calculator and cryptocurrency converter. It is one of the fastest exchange services on the market — lead times vary from 5 to 30 minutes. So if you have been wondering how to convert NAV to BTC anonymously in a matter of minutes, you are at the right place. You can exchange any volume of tokens. Besides, the service fixes the rate of currency pairs during the exchange, protecting customers from volatility.

Main features:

  • Over 200 crypto coins are available for exchange;
  • No registration required;
  • Fixed rates;
  • No limits on transaction amounts.


This American project appeared in 2014. There are no additional exchange fees on ShapeShift. The service has its own tokens — FOX — that allow discounts on transactions within the platform to their holders. Users have to register to get access to all operations, but the transactions are conducted at lightning speed. ShapeShift is compatible with BitPay wallet. Note that some assets may be temporarily unavailable.

Main features:

  • Over 50 crypto coins are available for exchange;
  • No obligatory verification procedure;
  • No commissions;
  • Transaction limit is $10,000.


This service was registered in 2019, and it started as a cryptocurrency exchange. Over time, StormGain turned into a full-fledged trading platform, but many still use it for a quick exchange of assets. The service supports the anonymity of users and does not require identity verification. You can buy cryptocurrency using bank cards. You can exchange 19 cryptocurrencies on this site.

Main features:

  • 19 crypto assets are available for exchanging;
  • No verification is needed;
  • Commissions are from 0.08% to 0.25%;
  • The minimum allowable deposit is $50.

The project was developed in 2012. The service is directly integrated into a number of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It instantly selects the best exchange rate for your chosen cryptocurrency pair. The platform has its own token FYP, which gives many advantages to its holders.

Main features:

  • 30+ crypto assets are available for trading;
  • No registration is required;
  • Fees are different and vary for each currency;
  • There are transaction limits depending on the chosen coin.


This Indian platform was founded in 2017. It is not a classical crypto exchange service. CoinSwitch is a crypto-exchange aggregator that generates the offers of other exchange services and provides you several options to choose from. On the site, you can trade over 400 cryptocurrencies and over 100,000 currency pairs. On average, a transaction takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

Main features:

  • 400 cryptocurrencies;
  • No account needed, but you can create one to get access to more crypto and better prices;
  • Commissions vary from 0% to 0.49%;
  • All transactions are limitless.

Final thoughts

There are many reliable converters on the market today that provide a high level of confidentiality and offer a wide range of payment methods. Each user evaluates exchanges in their own way. But it is advisable to pay attention to such features as technical support, fees and commissions, and reputation. It will allow you to avoid scammers and make your transactions safe and efficient.


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