TP02 Vs TP04; Better And Best?

Dyson Tower purifiers (TP) series are some of the powerful and efficient fans available on the market. They offer all the basic and advanced features needed to clean and cool your household and to improve your lifestyle.

There are many similarities we find when we compare products of the same series. The only differences seen are the few and important upgrades made on the latest models. With each new model comes a new update. In the same way, Dyson TP01 has all the basic features, TP02 has some advanced features and TP04 has the most upgraded smart features.

Let us compare Dyson air purifier TP02 vs TP04 to find out all the differences and similarities between them.

Similarities Between Dyson TP02 And TP04

Purifying Fans

The two fans can purify as well as cool. They do not have a heating feature.


TP02 and TP04 use the HEPA filter to remove all sorts of pollutants and the activated carbon filter to remove strong and harmful odors. 

Advanced Features

Dyson TP02 and TP04 have some additional features such as air quality reporting and the auto mode. The auto mode allows the purifier to detect the type of pollutants present and adjust the fan setting accordingly. 

Differences Between Dyson TP02 and TP04


TP04 oscillates the clean air at 350° whereas TP02 does that at 180°.

Improved Filter

Dyson TP04 has a 3x enhanced HEPA and activated carbon filter.

Backward Airflow

Dyson TP04 has the backward airflow mode which allows it to cool the air without purifying. This feature is not available in TP02.

Precision Airflow

TP04 has precision airflow. It allows the air to flow in a particular direction. 

LCD Display 

The LCD display in Dyson TP04 displays more information such as the real-time air quality reporting that is not available in TP02.

TP02 or TP04? 

Dyson TP04 is the most advanced and powerful air purifier in the series. It has all advanced modes of airflow and smart features which makes this air purifier a great addition to your house. 

We recommend Dyson TP04 over TP02 because of the valuable upgrades made to TP04. Nonetheless, TP02 is a great choice if some additional features are not your concern.

Dyson BP, HP, And DP Series 

Each product in a different Dyson series has something different to offer.

The Dyson BP series are the body air purifiers. They are compact and useful for small spaces. 

The HP series has all the powerful heating air purifiers. They are mostly 3-in-1 fans. Heating is their strong suit.

The DP series are the desk purifiers. They have a compact design and can be used in small-medium spaces.

Final Words

You can purchase the Dyson fan belonging to any series. The right fan is the one that will fit all your requirements. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a strong purifying fan to be used around in large space then looking up the Dyson TP series is a good choice since it has the products TP02 and TP04.

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