Trekking Clothes: What Is The Ideal Outfit For The Activity?

To practice any physical activity, it is necessary to have appropriate clothing. This determination has nothing to do with customs or religion but with comfort. A wrong choice can compromise the development of the activity.

For a race, for example, no one wears jeans or heels. As for skateboarding, helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are required. Therefore, for the practice of trekking or hiking, it could not be different. It is essential to be attentive to the clothes, from the shoes to the one that holds the hair (if you have big hair).

Before listing the needs, it is essential to remember that the clothes chosen depend on the concept called “layer system.” the layer system consists of three fundamental parts: base layer or first layer (base layer), thermal or intermediate layer (middle layer), and external layer or third layer (external layer).

All layers must, as a priority, be breathable, so when choosing each layer, it is essential to notice this detail.

Dry Fit T-Shirt

The first layer, or base layer, is in contact with the body. So, it’s not just the shirt, but also socks, gloves, and hats. Therefore, any pieces of cotton should be discarded as they retain moisture in the body. This retention will cause the shirt to become heavy and start to cool down with the weather.

The fit dry is a synthetic fabric composed of substances such as polyester, polyamide, and elastane. Combining these threads allows the fabric to be more flexible, light, comfortable, and suitable for facilitating the skin’s breathing. The dry-fit fabric is light and porous (facilitates perspiration during activity), prevents the feeling of damp and heavy clothing (the pores of the fabric eliminate sweat), and protects against radiation caused by ultraviolet rays.

Waterproof Jacket

The external layer (external layer) is primarily to protect the user from two things: wind and rain, and must be made of a breathable fabric impervious to rain and wind. To know which one to choose, it is necessary to know where your activity will be.

The most important factor of a waterproof jacket is that it is breathable. The lighter the jacket, the fewer “columns of water” it will hold. By “water columns”, understand that it is the amount of rain that you will face. A skinny and light jacket cannot stand rain on the mountain, and a very thick one can be heavy for your activity and get tired.

Polyester / Polyamide Pants

This according to is one of the essential items of mountain clothing. To go trekking, try to wear pants that quickly evaporate your sweat. The pants are an excellent option to reduce the sensation of cold, besides protecting the legs from sharp objects.

The first mistake that a novice practitioner makes is betting on jeans for a trek. Jeans and jeans absorb water very quickly and take time to dry.

There are two types of fabric widely used in trekking pants: polyester and polyamide. The polyester ones are considered an excellent option for backpackers. The polyamide ones are soft, and their touch is similar to that of cotton, being very light and quick-drying (but forms the “balls” in the wash).


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