What Devices And Systems Can You Use To Work With The CRM?

A customer relationship management system supports the management of customer data. In addition, it helps businesses to better manage sales and marketing activities. As software, it also delivers actionable insights to businesses besides integrating with social media and facilitating communication between teams.

Many entrepreneurs, however, still do not have a clear understanding of what crm is and what capabilities it can bring to a business. So what is CRM? In business terms, when people talk of a CRM, they refer to a customer relationship management software that integrates features such as business automation, social media integration, among many other solutions relevant to the business space.

It, therefore, means that CRM as software must be usable on a device or must provide solutions that are easily accessible through cloud-based platforms. In this article, we look at some of the devices and systems that individuals or businesses can use to work with CRM.


Computers are electronic devices that are used to manipulate information or data. Besides, it cans tore, process, and retrieve data. Other tasks you can easily complete with a computer include typing documents, sending emails, browsing the web, and even playing games. A good number of the computer capabilities are good for business strategies.

Since a computer can be used to access the internet, they are the primary devices on which CRM systems can be installed and used. Even before the emergence of more versatile devices, computer servers have been used as a host of several CRM systems for business.

Desktop computers can therefore be used both as server systems for a client or server-based CRM system and to provide secure access to cloud-based CRM systems when connected to the internet. However, when server CRM systems are used in desktop computers, the cost of installation together with server purchase may be high. Also, they require that businesses take care of their own IT security requirements, while updating features may be too complex and expensive to carry out without in-house expertise.


Laptops are a more advanced computer system. Besides, they are more mobile compared to desktop computers. Businesses using laptops can have both access to server CRM systems and cloud-based CRM systems. Apart from giving you access to new features through periodic updates, laptops make it much easier to install CRM and software tools and use them even outside the office. It, therefore, takes CRM solutions out of the office and gives you unlimited access to cloud CRM when connected to the internet.

Mobile devices

With increased technological advances, there is an increased need for more versatile solutions to business challenges. This is why CRM vendors now integrate UIs that are more compatible with mobile systems.

Some CRM systems such as creatio CRM now offer mobile CRM capabilities. These features make it easier for salespeople to access key information from anywhere. Besides, they can easily update the information straight after the meeting without waiting to get back to the office. Team members, therefore, have the advantage of being able to follow up with the most current information before the competition.

With mobile, it’s now very possible that entrepreneurs can run a whole business from the phone. From driving marketing campaigns, closing deals, and servicing customers without being tied to the office or a desk.

Apart from permitting remote working, mobile CRM capabilities help businesses to reduce the amount of office space needed. Besides, it helps increase customer lifecycle and enhance their experiences as businesses can quickly respond to inquiries, plan with calendar integration, access dashboards on the go, and access up-to-date data all the time.

How Advanced Is The Crm System For Integration With The Devices?

CRM system has greatly evolved. From the server CRM systems to cloud CRM systems. This growth allows CRM to easily work with both iOS and Android operating systems making business operations more mobile, smooth, and highly responsive.

With the advancements in CRM, therefore, businesses that use CRM on an Apple device can increase sales with rapid ads and marketing campaigns too. Equally, those operating Android devices get access to rapid CRM software on app stores to advance their marketing and other business processes.


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