Where to Host Your Magento Store in 2021

Hosting an ecommerce platform is a complex task. No matter how well the site’s built, an unwisely chosen hosting solution would render all your efforts a waste of money. For sites built on Magento, your hosting solution should fulfill prerequisites like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/Maria DB and PHP). milbeguard ivermectin

A good managed Magento cloud hosting solution should take care of all that and more. But with so many managed hosting solution providers out there, which should be chosen? 

This piece will explore the best Magento host that not only takes care of your all Magento needs, but has made hosting simpler than ever. 

Why Use a Managed Magento Cloud Hosting Solution?

This question has a two-parter answer.

Why Use a Cloud Hosting Solution Specifically?

Ecommerce sites need a reliable hosting solution. Shared hosting can’t be trusted because they limit your resources too much. Dedicated physical servers and cloud hosting are better matches for an ecommerce store. But if any issue occurs on a physical machine, it may take hours to repair or to transfer the store to another machine, which means losing out on customers. With cloud hosting, resources can be scaled and transferred within minutes.

Why Use a Managed Magento Hosting Solution?

cPanel shared hosting is easy to manage, but it’s not a recommended solution for ecommerce sites. Dedicated hosting servers and cloud hosting, while better fits for ecommerce, require technical expertise to manage. Most online store owners aren’t interested in the technicalities of hosting a Magento site. That’s where a managed Magento hosting solution is needed, one that’s easy to operate and has a powerful stack with all the required packages for Magento.

So Which is the Best Managed Magento Cloud Hosting Solution?

When we talk about managed Magento cloud hosting, that solution must have an easy to use UI, great advanced features, and the latest stable version of Magento 2 with all the prerequisite packages, along with vast data centers and a good cloud hosting solution.

The solution that we found covers all the needs of a managed hosting solution, along with other great features, is Cloudways. ivermectina 6 mg dosis coronavirus It’s among the top Magento 2 hosting solution provider.

The Features that Make Cloudways the Best Host for Magento

Let’s explore some of the features that make Cloudways a best managed host for Magento.

1-Click Installation of Latest Stable Version of Magento

With Cloudways, servers can be easily launched with just a few clicks and in a minute’s time. Once your server is ready and you have selected Magento as your default application, the latest stable version of Magento would be pre-installed, with all the required packages for the Magento application.

5 Top Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloudways offers its customers freedom to choose between the top 5 hosting providers, which includes Google Cloud, AWS, Linode, Vultr and Digital Ocean. They also offer a free 3-day trial period so you can explore and test the platform before adding your payment details.

Separate Server and Application Monitoring

Cloudways provides complete details of server performance and resource usage, from an hour to 6 months. You can track what activity consumed most of your resources, and be prepared to scale servers whenever there is a need. To further drill into monitoring, you can integrate it with New Relic or check the monitoring of each Magento application.

Staging Environment and Vertical Scaling

Nobody wants to test their site on a live server and grant access to the developer for making changes on a live site. Cloudways’ staging environment feature lets developers test sites under development without affecting the live site before deploying it to a live server.

Server resource scaling can also be accomplished in just a few clicks through Cloudways’ vertical scaling feature.

Free First Migration and Free SSL Certificate

Cloudways offers one free migration where the complete site is transferred from another hosting solution to Cloudways without any hassle or charges.

Cloudways also offer a free SSL certificate to their customers.

Server Security

Nobody wants to host their site on an unsecured server. Cloudways security features include:

  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • IP Whitelisting Feature
  • Automated Backups
  • Auto-Healing Servers
  • Two-Factor Authentication

24/7/365 Advance Support

Cloudways’ active community members and knowledge base are resources for guidance and product understanding. If you face any difficulty you can’t resolve, directly contact their support members. Their support is always active 24/7 on every day of the year. ivermectina em caes filhotes

Final Words

You may find many of these features in other managed solutions but it would be impossible to find all of them in a single solution. There is a lot more to say about Cloudways and explain more about their features for which you must visit their site and explore the platform.

Do explore and share your experience with us.


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