Why You Should Invest in Custom Packaging for Your E-commerce Brand

Are you starting your own new business? Or maybe you already have one, and you’re wondering if you’re doing something wrong with the product packaging. Is it drab and dull? Would someone’s eyes pass right over it without even looking, even if it’s right there in front of them? If the answers to both those questions is a “yes”, then changes are in order.

The world of business today is more competitive than it has even been, and countless small businesses all over the globe are struggling to be noticed by their target audience. Organizations are bent on using every single opportunity to stand out to their advantage, and in this environment, why would you keep your product packaging simple and boring? Many companies have leveraged their packaging to their benefit – from making a splash in their specific markets to gathering views on social media, which is obsessed with unboxing videos. But we’ll talk more about that later.

If you want to know why you should invest in custom packaging for your products, keep reading. There are tips in the end for those of you who want to do it on a budget! We’ll give you a hint – companies like www.deepkinglabels.com are a great option for getting stickers and labels on a budget.

Get Noticed on Social Media

Think about it – when you purchase something you love, and it comes in an impressive box, what do you do? You share it with your friends and family, of course! This isn’t just good for you (you got to impress your peers didn’t you?) but it’s also great for the business you’re purchasing from. Chances are, they’re a smaller business that depends on people like you to spread the word about them, and memorable custom packaging just increases their chances. We believe that an outstanding bundle will leave a lasting impression. As a result, Packwire provides custom boxes .

If Your Product Is Generic, Make Sure Your Packaging Isn’t

Let us explain – if you’re selling something like fast fashion, fruits and vegetables, or are a delivery service for groceries, there isn’t much that would help you stand out from so many other companies out there who do the same. But things like a bright red package with a cute mascot drawn on it, or a small surprise inside is the way to go.

Cement Your Brand Identity

Are you a fun, casual company that values its customers and likes to make them feel like they’re your friends? Or are you focused on being eco friendly and saving the environment? Luxury brands that want their customers to feel special splurge on all aspects of their product as well,and that includes the packaging that may be made up of expensive materials.

Your product packaging can be your chance to enhance or establish your brand identity, and to make it clear to your customers what you stand for.

It’s a Chance to Tell Your Story

Your packaging can be the perfect opportunity for you to tell your clients what the story behind your company is, and to relate to your target audience. Tell them about how your owner came up with the idea, or why you do what you do, or what the story is behind you developing the product that you now sell.

Honor Special Occasions

With the help of custom packages, you can spice it all up for special occasions like your company birthday, a public holiday like christmas, and even launch some limited edition designs that make people want to buy your product more. All these tricks are only going to increase your sales.

Now, we’re going to talk about all the low-cost options you have for custom coffee boxes packaging.

Low-Cost Options

Custom packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. These simple tricks can help you save some major bucks!

  • Use stickers on your usual packaging boxes. The cost to order stickers will be minor at best – especially compared to what it would cost to have whole boxes printed! Stickers are also easier to customize, and you can order many in different styles and designs.
  • Drawstring pouches can add some mystery and a touch of originality to your product. You can have a logo printed on the pouch, and choose what color or pattern it needs to be.

  • Attach a simple card to your regular packaging with a heartfelt note inside.

There’s no world where investing in custom product packaging isn’t beneficial for your business, so get out there, think outside the box, and make it count!

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