Enable Android Kiosk Mode with These Easy Steps

Android Kiosks assist the users in accomplishing tasks on their own.

Kiosk mode for Android is a lock-down mechanism that helps owners of Android devices in setting them up to run a defined catalog of apps for users. After enabling the Android Kiosk mode, any apps or functions that are not defined in the mode like notification bar, status bar, power button, device settings, etc., are disabled on the device.

Android Kiosks are being adopted across sectors by enterprises, and have become an essential part of their operations. So, how can you enable the Android Kiosk mode? Following these easy steps are all that’s needed.

Enabling Android Kiosk Mode

The Screen Pinning function on Android devices can help you in enabling single app Kiosk mode on your device. However, for a more effective and permanent Kiosk mode solution, it is advisable that you use a Kiosk mode Android app or software that can help you ensure that your devices are being used for intended purposes only. One such app that is highly efficient is SureLock Kiosk Lockdown Software by 42Gears.

Devices That Support the Android Kiosk Mode

The following prerequisite must be fulfilled by your Android devices to enable Kiosk mode on them:

  • Android devices that run the Android OS 5.0 or above

Here’s how you can enable Kiosk mode for Android devices through SureLock Kiosk Lockdown Software:

Step 1 –  Download the SureLock app from the Play Store or 42Gears website.

Step 2 – After launching the SureLock app on your master device, you can set the password for the app control by tapping 5 times on the home screen within 3 seconds. The default password for the app is “0000”. You can change it to any password of your liking.

Step 3 – Go to “Admin Settings” and click on “Allowed Applications”. Click on “Add App” to add your desired application that you would want to run on your Android Kiosk devices and click on “Done”. This should be done in the Single Application Mode.

Step 4 – Go back on the home screen of the app, and visit the Admin Settings again. Tap on Single Application Mode to enable it.

Step 5 – Your selected application will now run on all the added Android Kiosk devices

For running more apps than one on your Kiosk devices, you can add more apps in the settings under allowed apps, and mark them hidden. These additional apps can be run on Kiosk devices when they’re accessed via the SureLock app on the master-control device.


Now that you know how to enable Kiosk mode for Android devices, it’s time to put it to work and make your venture’s operations seamless.

With a multitude of features for enterprises and businesses, SureLock is the perfect app to control a vast array of Android Kiosk devices through the unified endpoint management console – SureMDM. The console gives the IT admins control over managing all Kiosk devices seamlessly. With multi-lingual in-app support (Arabic and Spanish) and peripheral control from the admins, SureLock Kiosk software is the most effective solution for your enterprise Android Kiosk device management.


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