Exceed.Ai or Conversica: Which One Is Right For My Business?

Lead management is a perpetual concern for all growing businesses. How can businesses construct, implement, and execute lead qualification at scale in a streamlined manner? In other words, how can businesses better acquire and nurture qualified leads? Successful businesses look to identify and capture all qualified leads, while making sure that they aren’t spending the valuable time and effort of their marketing and sales teams on redundant and unproductive tasks.

In our hyper-connected, fast moving digital world, conventional lead scoring methods will not give your business the competitive edge, as they are antiquated and not scalable.  In order to address this problem, AI-powered marketing tools were created to help businesses take care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. They help your business qualify and nurture leads, and auto-schedule meetings with multiple leads at a time. They can also help your internal teams save their time and energy for high-impact activities rather than waste them on tedious tasks.

Exceed.ai and Conversica, considered to be the top AI driven conversational tools in the market, have helped solve lead qualification problems for many companies. This leads us to the ultimate question – which one is right for you and your business? In this article, we’ll take a look at each of their capabilities to help you determine what makes sense for you.

Source: https://www.g2.com/compare/conversica-vs-exceed-ai

Improvement Over Time

Exceed.ai and Conversica both utilize AI sales assistants that continually improve through machine learning. With built in natural language processing, the AI will only get better at understanding how to respond and engage with various leads with different needs over time.

Capturing leads and prospects early on is incredibly important – especially in today’s market where consumers have reduced attention span and thousands of businesses vying for screen time. pode tomar ivermectina de 15 em 15 dias A recent study published by Salesforce showed that 70% of customers believed early communication and engagement was important and even necessary when doing business with a company.

Conversational Bots and SMS

Both Exceed.ai and Conversica offer chatbots that live on the website and text messaging functionalities. However, Exceed’s products allow your business to engage with prospects and leads in a superior manner. Conversica’s products have limited functionalities, where users are presented fixed button options or preset text to lead them to a desired action.

Exceed.ai’s chatbot, on the other hand, has been trained to handle a wide variety of tasks. They’re able to engage with new leads in a conversational manner, qualify leads, and schedule meetings without supervision. With traditional button options, prospects feel like they are being pushed by the chatbot to take a desired action. does ivermectin wormer get rid of ticks on horses Exceed’s chatbot is programmed to ask questions for clarifications and respond in a speedy manner, leaving no leads unattended. Simultaneously, it will be gathering their responses and analyzing them to understand where they stand in the lead qualification process. With Exceed’s services, the prospect will never feel as if they are just talking to a rigid robot and will be transitioned to a sales rep flawlessly.

Which AI Assistant Schedules Meetings and Passes Off Clients More Efficiently?

Capturing prospects and leads are important, but if improving closing rates is the final goal, seamless transition to your sales team is an important feature that your AI assistant should have. Conversica’s product does offer auto-scheduling meetings and handing off through third-party tools, but they are not built into the product like Exceed. dors ivermectin kill roundworms in cays ai. Since these features are inherent to the product, there are less complications and headaches to work through since your teams don’t have to learn and integrate third-party tools. What does this mean for your leads? They experience fewer bumps on their journey and seamlessly move from chatbot to sales rep. What does this mean for your sales and marketing team? They have fewer tools to keep in track of and integrations to worry about.

Customizable Emails

According to a recent study, 72% of consumers responded that they would only respond to personalized emails. Knowing that personalization is important in connecting with consumers and building trust, you may want a tool that provides you with flexibility when it comes to customizing emails.

For businesses that don’t require personalization, Conversica is a fine choice. For businesses that do, however, the tool may fall short in satisfying their needs: it doesn’t allow you the flexibility of changing email copy or the ability to carry conversations crafted by persona.

Personalization and customization is where Exceed.ai shines – it allows you to freely customize your emails, ask questions to qualify leads, and integrate playbooks. The flexibility of this tool will allow you to get creative with your messages and tailor them to your liking. It also has the unique ability to manage follow-up emails for leads who are interested but will not be available for long stretches of time. With this capability, potential leads who may have slipped through the cracks with traditional lead management will be salvaged and remembered for future conversations.

In Conclusion

For businesses that work with leads that do not require much nurturing, prefer to have minimal customizable options, and have unidimensional needs for emails, Conversica may be the product to move forward with. For businesses that want to have the ability to personalize and customize emails, auto-schedule meetings, utilize intelligent chatbots, and transition qualified leads seamlessly to your sales teams, Exceed.ai is the right product for you.

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