How severe is nougames in 2021? We went through Bugsnax

The first time the general public heard about  Bugsnax was  at the Sony conference dedicated to  F95zone games for the PlayStation 5. Of course, the clear demonstration of the gap between the eighth and ninth generation of consoles from the “strawberry with eyes” did not work. Six months have passed since the release – and imagine the degree of our despair due to the lack of interesting new releases that we decided to play Bugsnax . And now we will tell you about the exclusive that we deserve.

Bugsnax is a story about a journalist who flew to Vkusnyashkin Island to write a sensational article about the new discovery of the notorious scientist Lisbert Megafruit. She allegedly discovered a new species of living creatures – a beetle (translation of those very bugsnax ). There is no trust in the person of the researcher, and the editor does not seem worthwhile, but since the main character is still one step away from being fired, he is sent on this disastrous business trip. The first thing that happens to him after the introductory video is that a huge flying pizza hits his balloon during a thunderstorm. Oh no. Now it is not so easy for him to get out of the island.

This will be followed by a meeting with the first members of the Lisbert expedition, arrival at their camp, which has grown to a small village called Hrumburg, and the realization that it will not be possible to interview an archaeologist. Some time ago, all the Khrumbs (this is the name of the creatures that take the place of people in this world, something like anthropomorphic walruses) from the team quarreled and dispersed around the island, and Megafruit herself disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Now the hero has to get acquainted with the hrumbas who fled to different regions of the island and try to return them to the camp, along the way finding out what happened to Lisbert. In addition to the disappearance of the head of the expedition, everyone is dominated by an ominous mystery that immediately catches the eye: what are your bug snacks and where did they come from ?!

The game is not that very mysterious, but it is difficult to describe the atmosphere in any other way: on the one hand, it is idiotically naive, and on the other, it is rather gloomy. The cartoon visual here in some (rare, let’s be honest) cases looks even slightly frightening, and Western journalists found a subtext about drugs and their abuse. And even in the world of beetles and beetles, there are unconventional couples: one, both completely male and completely female, a cell of society consisting of two individuals. By the way, one of the gay men is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal – the actor who plays Peter Parker in the Eldritch Blast 5e-exclusive spiders. At least +2 points to the final grade.

Communication with characters is an important part of the gameplay, but far from fundamental. demodex blepharitis ivermectin  The game features a fairly standard dialogue system, with the help of which the player speaks with the inhabitants of Hrumburg, and this communication can be quite funny at times. The characters of the characters are archetypal, but still not too hackneyed. Teen gossip, farmer, evil antisocial mad scientist, kindly shy mad scientist, local fool put in charge, lesbian doctor, pop star, mad bugsnack lover – all in all, a funny set. It also helps that the characters do not hesitate to communicate with each other during the day, and sometimes no, no, and there will be an interesting scene. Many characters have claims to each other and actively express them, therefore, the situation in a small team is quite tense and therefore even intriguing. In addition, in HuniePop 2 has quests for interviews with each hrumb, during which you can learn a lot about the characters. Like (almost) everything else in this game, it is impossible to overwhelm them.

The core of the gameplay is the bug hunting. To do this, the protagonist has a small arsenal of gadgets at his disposal – gadgets, not weapons. In the game, you cannot kill anyone and there are really no attacks. buy oral ivermectin for humans  The first thing you get at your disposal is a trap that can be slammed remotely. It works like this: through a special device (something like a camera, thanks to such scanning, new bug snacks are added to the encyclopedia), look at the beetle, see its path, carefully sneak up, set a trap in the way, move away, wait, slam, raise prey. In the future, the process is diversified with other devices: objects can be thrown from a special springy platform, a controllable ball with a beetle inside will appear, which can be smeared with different sauces and lured other beetles, a rope launcher,


The game also implements a simple physical model, which allows you to throw objects both with your hands and with the mentioned platform. A few puzzles are based on this, in which a set of gadgets is not used to catch sweets. But all this drowns in the need to catch several different types of beetles in each quest and give them to someone. ivermectin 0.2 mg/kg  In general, yes – there are practically no other quests in Bugsnax , except for the capture of these types of “snacks” . Sometimes a local gossip asks us to track a separate hruma at a specified time, sometimes they ask us to convince one of the characters to do something.


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