How to Take Care of Your Luxury Watch: A Complete Guide

A watch is dressed every day and can last until a better future throughout your entire life and beyond. More than telling time, a watch seems to do more things than we could ever imagine. There are frequently specific moments that make it an unbelievably sentimental item. And you can transfer your significant watch on to generations to come if you properly take care of it. Watches are constructed to last, and maintaining the watches in the best shape is not challenging. There are great and easy ways to take care of your watch and keep it functioning as long as possible, so make sure to follow these tips on how to take care of them.

1. Clean Your Watch

To clean metal bracelets and cases, use a smooth, mildly damp towel. Avoid it, however, in leather straps, because the appearance of the strap can be damaged by humidity. Don’t let your watch be plunged into boiling water. Even if your watch is waterproof, hot water can affect its components. Diamond adornments can be lightly scrubbed with a brush with soap and water can be used to clean rubber straps by immersing it there. You can also get your watch cleaned by an expert watch team in your nearest shop. comprimido para piolho humano

Luxury watch brands like Nomos Glashutte, TAG Heuer, Apple, and Rolex have a unique bracelet that needs professional personnel when cleaning it.

2. Get It Serviced

The guidelines for quartz watches are approximately every 3 to 4 years, while mechanical watches are 2 to 3 years. The frequency of service for your watch depends, however, both on the brand and your personal use, so please visit your nearest shop where the friendly watch team is pleased to advise you in great and full detail. ivermectina topica

3. Avoid Magnets

Don’t leave other watches close to powerful magnetic fields such as refrigerators, cell phones, speakers, or magnets. People rarely know that it can adversely affect the timekeeping of one’s watch by placing it close to the magnet. At 60 Gauss, a watch may stop working, and the magnet at a fridge door is 50 Gauss if put in the standpoint.

4. Know Your Watch’s Water Resistance

Be aware of your watch’s water resistance. Though many watches are created with water resistance, vintage watches tend to lose their overtime. If your watch isn’t waterproof, it can withstand small water splashes, but avoid them if possible. And avoid getting your watch wet, especially if it’s bracelet is made of a leather band since the water is weakening the leather.

You can splashproof and be resistant to water in small amounts if your watch is 3 ATMs / 30m. If 5 ATM / 50m, it is appropriate for swimming and can be immersed in water. It is acceptable for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports if it is 10 ATM/100m. It is perfect for scuba diving if you have 20 ATMs / 200 m. Lastly, 30 ATM / 300m, for professional and profound sea diving.

Your watch’s waterproofing may not be irreversible, as wear or accidental shock on the crown may affect the seal over the period. It is recommended to have the seals tested annually for your waterproof watch.

5. Protect the Crystal

Pay attention to the crystal. This is still important enough to mention, though this is very readily apparent. Start taking every care you can to avoid a wall or any other object that can induce or cause scratches to hit your watch crystal. prospecto securo ivermectina 6 mg

6. Store Your Watch Safely

It’s better to keep your watch in the box if you’re not wearing it. It may scratch the side of the crystal when you rest or sleep. If your watch is moving automatically, a watch winder is an ideal place to securely store your watch. These WOLF Watch Winder not only looks lavish, but it keeps your watch healthy and stable. They are built to maintain your watch ticking away if you are not using it.

7. Avoid Extended Exposure to Sunlight and Chemicals

The color of your watch can fade for longer times in direct sunlight. Heat can also reduce battery life, so you can avoid putting your watch in full contact with the sun. On the other hand, perfumes can damage, destabilize, and possibly rupture leather straps. Let it dry completely before you put the watch on your wrist when you spray fragrance or perfumes.

8. Don’t Open the Watch By Yourself

Do not open your watch unless you are very familiar with watches and know exactly what you are doing. When the watch opens, particles are entering the movement like dirt, pollution, and dust which leads to damage or injury, so a professional should handle that.


Read the handbook for your watch because those steps most probably apply to each luxury watch’s care. Some things are, however, particular to each watch and are most inclined to be in the watch manual, like handling luxury leather watch straps, unique metals on cases, and many more.

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